Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crumpet's 33DC: Geometric

Evening, dears. In the midst of all the kitty-chaos last week, this also happened.

I know it's difficult to see, but that is a ginormous tear, half way up my middle finger. On my swatching hand. Damnit. It's still there, and it's still torn, but I've been babying it and holding it on with superglue and prayers. Hopefully it will hang on long enough to reach my free edge, or else that sumbitch is gonna HURT. 

The actual point of this post is this art. This is for the geometric prompt, and I cannot believe how happy I am with the result. I wish I had done the same stamp on all my fingers, but oh well, next time. I will recreate this one at some point. 

My base is Orly Ingenue, and the stamping was done with Sinful Colors Black on Black. I don't recall the plate number, but both stamps were from the same Red Angel plate. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the geometric manis in the InLinkz below- I'm looking forward to it. Geometric designs are some of my favorites!

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