Saturday, September 8, 2012

We're Not in Oklahoma?: Betsy Bobbin by A Rhyming Dictionary

I've been a Wizard of Oz fan since I was a little girl, and there is still a china hutch at my parents' house full of dolls and handmade ruby slippers and assorted other Oz memorabilia. I was always more of a movie fan, and I never read the complete book series (which is odd, because I love to read), but after discovering A Rhyming Dictionary, and Morgan's complete love of the entire world of Oz, I think I may have to!

Today's polish is Betsy Bobbin, which Morgan describes as "matte glitter with tiny pink, red, and salmon, medium green and blue, and large black circles." The polish is named after an Oz character, who is a bit older than Dorothy, and from Oklahoma.

This is one coat of Betsy Bobbin over creme black, topped with Seche Vite. Photos taken in artifical light, no flash. I feel like I use black as a crutch sometimes, as I use it as a base for soo many glitter toppers! But I really do feel that it pops the color out the best. Some colors look amazing over various colored bases, but black is classic.

You can see that there are large circles in the bottle (there are two on the far left of the photo, and one just by the tip of my middle finger) but I didn't get any in this mani. This is probably due to the mini bottle, as mini brushes are usually horrible at picking up large/shaped glitters. In my experience, large dots need a little bit of fishing, and I'm sure if I tried I could have gotten them out. Otherwise, the polish applied wonderfully- the rest of the glitters came out with ease, and there was no clumping together. Matte glitters are sweeping through the indie world, but I haven't seen a combo like this yet. 

A Rhyming Dictionary polishes are available on Etsy- full sized bottles are $7.50, minis are $3.50. Make sure you stop by and Like ARD on Facebook as well- previews, updates, and contests! 

Support your indies, ladies!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review. 

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