Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm on a Boat!: Sunset Boat Ride by Trelly Polish

As I mentioned in this post, this was my very first experience using PVA glue as a basecoat. I've learned a bit since then (like, don't use a base coat under the glue!), and I've become a convert. I love super glittery polishes, so I've been using the PVA pretty much daily, and I have a few more tips. First of all: thin your glue a bit. The first week I was using it, it would start to peel in the shower after about a day. I thinned the glue out with a bit of water, and it's staying just fine since then. I typically change my mani everyday anyway, so it wasn't a huge problem for me, but for those that want to keep their paint on longer, thinner is better.

Some have speculated about damage to the nail bed from pushing the polish up with an orange stick: I don't use an orange stick. I just push/pick at it gently with a nail, and as soon as you get one little bit unstuck, the whole thing will come right off. I've been using PVA almost exclusively for the last two weeks, and have noticed absolutely zero damage to my nail bed. Now: on to the pretty!

This is Sunset Boat Ride by Trelly's MISC Polish. Cassie describes this polish as "a glitter topcoat in a clear base, with all the reds, oranges, yellows of a sunset." I guess the white is the boats? :) Either way, the polish contains tons of satin hexes in red, yellow, orange and white, blue some white bars.

My plan was to layer this over the ONLY gold polish I own: Sinful Colors This Is It. I didn't realize until too late that I grabbed the wrong bottle! And I was too lazy to take off the fingers I already painted, plus get up and search for the color I wanted! Luckily, it turned out better than I think the gold would have. This is one and a half coats of Sunset Boat Ride over Sinful Colors Let's Meet (a shimmery, gold-toned yellow). Topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos taken in full, direct sunlight..

The yellow turned out way better than I thought it would! This polish really is the perfect sunset color combination. Maybe the white are clouds, not boats :)

Obligatory shade photo.

Cassie recommends the dabbing method to apply all of her polishes, and this is the first one that I've done so with. It was a bit thicker than either Love Always Shines or Clown Car Exhaust. I dabbed on one coat, and then went back to fill in a few bare-ish spots. The Etsy listing for Sunset Boat Ride shows swatches on a nail wheel over a light peachy color, and a pale coral and both are stunning! I think I know what I'm wearing this with next! I dark purple would be lovely as well. 

Trelly's MISC Polish can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles are $9, and any color can be made into a mini as well. Be sure to check out the Trelly Polish blog- there are ongoing previews of the Halloween Collection, which comes out mid-September- and Facebook page- more color previews, plus news, updates and other polish related things that catch Cassie's eye!

Support your indies, ladies!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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