Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Zombiecure! Featuring CFS Nail Decals

Well, ladies- it is officially September! That means it is (to me, at least) officially fall, and I am officially allowed to start freaking out about Halloween! I've already posted about my costume, and I've done a fair bit of shopping for it so far, but that needs so much work that it's in a whole different category :) But now that Fall is here, I'm excited to play with other Halloween things- like the Zombie-cure!

If you've read a few of my posts, you know that nail art just isn't my thing. I'm not good at it, and I'm too impatient to try over and over again. However, in the past few weeks I got my first ever stamping plates (courtesy of some Copious credits) and several different nail decal designs, plus a set of real live dotting tools. So this is my first real attempt at nail art- please be gentle with me!

All the base colors here are my own, from the Zombie Collection- thumb middle and pinky are Flesh, middle and ring are Bone. The dots on my ring finger are (from bottom up) Dessicate, Liquify, Flesh, Putrefy, Blood and Dessicate again. The glitter on my thumb is Eye of Newt from my Witch's Brew Collection. Pinky is topped with Pretty & Polished's Bubble Tea (which will get it's own proper review). The index finger stamping was done with Blood and a plate whose brand name I don't know, but is #QA26.

The middle finger features Blood blood drips, drawn on with a dotting tool, and a Zombie Hello Kitty waterslide decal from CFS Nail Decals- how cute is she? Wondering if I'd get to a review, weren't you? I don't have much experience with waterslide decals- I've pretty much only ever used those horrible stickers you get in a giant pack at Walmart! These were super easy to use- I cut the decal off of the sheet and set it in a Dixie cup full of water for about 10 seconds. When I pulled it out of the cup, the decal slide right off the back, and I placed it on my nail. Drew on the blood, coat of Seche Vite and I'm done!

The decal lasted the whole two days I wore the Zombie-cure (I'm hoping to spawn a word here!), and laid completely flat- for the most part. Next time I'll trim the decal down closer to the actual design- there was a bit of wrinkling near the top of the decal, but I just cut a chunk off of the page. I think there was way too much unnecessary empty space, and proper trimming would eliminate that issue. This was definitely a positive start to me waterslide decal experience, and I've already started to expand my collection! For someone with no talent or patience for nail art, these are an amazing way to jazz up a basic manicure.

CFS Nail Decals can be purchased on Etsy.  A set of 10 decals runs $1.95, and there are tons of designs to choose from- Moustaches, puzzle pieces, Mario, Batman- even an option to make your own with pretty much any logo out there. Super cheap and easy! 

What are your experiences with waterslide decals? Have you tried any from CFS yet?

Support your indies, ladies! (even the non-polish ones!)

*Decals were provided to me for an honest review.

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  1. hello from sunny south ALABAMA! I just found your awesome site and soooo glad I did. I have been a long time user of decals and also found the trial and error,error,error method to work for me LOL.Ahhh but when you hit the can do mark the possibilities fly!!
    And may I also mention that as a "golden girl"(older-ish) with somewhat shaky hands;decals and stickers give us the chance to still have the poppin manis those with a steady hand get.
    So I thank you greatly for pursuing this line of decorations;and I will be a frequent visitor .
    "keep on sticking on"!!!!