Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Madness, I Say!: Moonlight Madness by Styler Design

No story or anecdote today- let's jump right into polish!

Today's beauty is Moonlight Madness, by Styler Design. First off: This polish did experience some settling. Not so badly as Party Mix, and Sarah from Styler did tell me after that post that she is revamping her formulas to get rid of the settling problem.

Here were are properly shaken up (just a few seconds worth), and look at the pretty! It's like an 80's party in a bottle. Sarah calls Moonlight Madness "a black base with a green and purple iridescent look. It has just the right amount of medium sized silver square glitter, medium sized teal hex glitter, medium sized square purple glitter, and flakes of silver, teal and purple glitter." All in a black jelly base.Maybe 80's party was the wrong descriptor: the teal, purple and green combo makes me think of a mallard duck!

Here we see three coat Moonlight Madness on its own, topped with a thick coat of Seche Vite. The black base wasn't so thick that the glitter got completely hidden (though it does get obscured with more layers), but it didn't need a black base coat either, which is pretty awesome. There are already at least three bottles involved in any mani (four, if I use Gelous, which I do for most glitters), so not needing undies is always a plus! For glitter purists out there: a black base plus one coat will net you the same look :)

Styler Designs polishes can be purchased on Etsy- Full size bottles for $8.75, or a pack on 3 minis for $14.25. There is also a Facebook page to like, offering updates and swatches of all her lovely colors!

Support your indies, ladies!

P.S.- On a completely unrelated note, you may have noticed that I've begun watermarking my photos. After the Sinful Fiasco last month, and now Miss British Steal All The Posts, I thought it prudent. They are not professional, and they won't stop anyone who really wants me pictures, but there you have it. Sad that it has to be done, but at least I'll be sure to get credit if anyone wants my pictures!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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