Friday, August 3, 2012

Lip Balm Bliss

I am a lip balm addict. I MUST have a minimum of 6 at all times: in my purse, on my nightstand, on my desk, with my work stuff to go in my pocket, in my car and a spare, just in case (usually also in my purse, since it goes everywhere with me). This is NOT to say that I only have 6 lip balms, that is just the minimum amount that I could comfortable live with! My old stand by is Burt's Bees, either Peppermint (original, yellow cap) or Medicated with Clove Oil (bright red cap). These are my tried and true, and in order to be put into "rotation", or be used on a continuous basis, any lip balm must stand up to those.

Today I have two lip balms from Howard's Home/Givin Me Lip. 

This is Orange Creamsicle, a really neat two tone/two flavor balm. The outside is orange and the white dot in the middle is the cream. This went into my pocket on a workday instead of my Burt's Bees. It passed! It is super creamy and not at all waxy or sticky. It smells great (definitely orange-cream like, but also kind of orange spice-like), and is slightly sweet, but not like a Lipsmacker that you just want to lick off. This has since graduated to my desk.

The next is Caramel Candy Apple, also a two-flavor balm. Same formula as Orange Creamsicle, and same wearability with a yummy apple smell. Also slightly sweet, but not lick-inducing. Stupid me, I left this one in my purse, in my car o.O  I salvaged most of it, and am saving it for fall, when that Caramel Apple craving sets in.

I was also sent Chocolate Donut balm, which seriously smelled JUST like chocolate. I'm not a chocolate fan, so this one went to my 8 year old goddaughter, who is so proud to have "grown up chapstick, not little kid stuff." Which I find hilarious, because I'm happy I found a fun kid-like lip balm that actually does the trick :)

The super cute label on Orange Creamsicle! Sorry for the crap picture, but I just couldn't figure out how to photograph the tube properly! I even tried to hold it like polish, but it just looked silly :)

Howard Home lip balms are all natural, vegan friendly, made from scratch and contain NO damaging micas. They can be purchased on Etsy for $3.95 in tons of other fun flavors like Hazelnut Brandy and Vanilla Cupcake with a Cherry! They also sell adorable kids soaps (like Exploding Frog!) and food shaped/scented soap. There is also a Facebook page.


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