Sunday, August 5, 2012

Danaerys Stormborn: Khaleesi by Geek Glitter

I am a geek. Both because I tend to like really geeky things like D&D, Harry Potter, ASOIAF and anything else with dragons and/or magic in it, AND because when I find something I like, I dive way in. I don't just like George R.R. Martin's sweeping epic A Song of Ice and Fire saga, I'm completely immersed. I started reading the books back when there were only two out, and have sat not-so-patiently waiting for each subsequent novel, then each season of the HBO show, and a few weeks back: my polishes from Geek Glitter!

Geek Glitter is a new Indie on the scene, and as of now, all of her polishes are Game of Thrones themed! Today's polish is Khaleesi, named for Danaerys Targaryen, exiled queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and Mother of Dragons. Rebecca from Geek Glitter says that Khaleesi "contains fine holographic purple and gold glitter, and large gold holographic glitter in a shimmery purple base. Can be worn over other polishes, or reaches full opacity on its own in two to three coats."

Love that purple!

This is three coats of Khaleesi over bare nail, topped with a thickish coat of Seche Vite, in full sunlight.

You can see the shimmery purple base better here. 

And in the shade. The Targaryen family are of the blood of old Valyria, and as such, tend to have stunning violet eyes. This purple is pretty much a dead match up for the color I always pictured in my head. 

I decided to try layering this as well, and I chose Wet N Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer as my base. This is a true violet, as seen on the far left of the bottle and on the tips of my nails. Cameras hate purple :(

And here it is topped with two coats of Khaleesi. The camera still tried too hard to capture the blue-ness of the base polish, but this did come out a lovely true purple. I much preferred Khaleesi on it's own, but if you're worried about conserving polish, you could do worse than Buffy as a base color.

Khaleesi went on very easily, with very cooperative glitter. There was no fishing and no placing of glitter necessary. As with most larger-than-normal glitters, it did require a pretty thick topcoat. I used one thickish layer of SV and was good to go. I finally purchased some Gelous the other day, so I'm excited to see how that works with big/thirsty glitter polishes!

Check out Geek Glitter's adorable logo! I kind of wish I had thought of it first :) Geek Glitter can be purchased on Etsy. Full size bottles are $8.75, minis are $4. Her current line is all Game of Thrones inspired, and contains gorgeous polishes based on many characters and places- keep an eye peeled for my reviews of Winter is Coming and the brand new Shade of the Evening!

And finally, on a completely unrelated note: a photo of someone who obviously disapproves of all the time I spend playing with nail polish :)


  1. Love that there is a polish for Danaerys! I knew it had to just be a matter of time before Game of Thrones themed polish started popping up. I've only watched season 1 of the show, but she's one of my favorite characters. Maybe I'll read the books! Great review.

  2. I was a book fan first, so I say go for it! I'm rereading them now actually :) And this color is just perfect for her!