Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PVA Base Coat + Trelly Polish: Clown Car Exhaust

I'm starting off a little different today: I tried PVA glue as a basecoat with my mani today. I didn't take pictures, partially because I was feeling lazy last night, and partially because there are a few blogs out there that have already done a great job at the step by step. (The two that I've read, and can think of off the top of my head, are Nails by Ms. Lizard and Pretty Purple Polish.) I applied a base coat as normal (not a good idea- the base peels up with the glue, but not very well. More on this in a bit.) I then applied Elmer's Glue All- which is pretty much the same as Elmer's School Glue. Usually sold right next to, and a 4 oz bottle cost me under a buck. Divided by a half-ounce polish bottle equals out to about 13 cents per bottle!

I poured the glue into an empty polish bottle, and applied it just like any other polish. Let dry for about 5 minutes (it applies white, but dries clear, so no guess work!). Topped with my color and glitter. (Sinful Colors Let's Meet and Trelly's MISC Polish Sunset Boat Ride- which is just as glittery as every other Trelly I've tried- but those photos are for another day!). Topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.

I was slightly worried about getting the glue wet, as I wash my hands a lot at work, but it really wasn't a problem at all. See Pretty Purple Polish's post about it- she did a 5 day wear test, including doing the dishes gloveless. The hardest part for me was waiting all day to see if it worked! I'm a horrible picker, so I was incredibly excited about the prospect of peeling a whole nail's worth of polish off in one go! Alas, it did not work out so well :( Apparently, this is meant to be used IN PLACE of a base coat, not in conjunction with. The base coat (Palladio Fuse, btw) came up with the polish for the most part, but did stick to my nail in many places, leaving me with a sticky, gummy mess on my nails. But no glitter! I'm telling you, I'm absolutely doing this again tonight when I paint my nails! Without the base coat of course :) It may be too early to tell, but I'm pretty sure I'm a convert.

So, enough of that rant- on to the Trelly Polish I'm actually showing you today!

Clown Car Exhaust! Cassie from Trelly Polish calls CCE "a glitter top coat in a clear base, with a multitude of glitters even including black "tires"!" And so it is. This is absolutely a circus-y polish, with matte and metallic hexes in multiple sizes, squares and bars- in every color of the rainbow!

This is such a happy, summery polish. As much as I'm looking forward to fall, and fall colors, I knew I couldn't let this one slide by! I needed to wear it and get the full effect before the end of summer. 

Photo shows one (!) coat of Clown Car Exhaust over Wet N Wild Dreamy Poppy, topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. All photos taken in full, direct sunlight.

This glitter looked amazing over every single color I tried it over. I thought about layering it over a Skittle mani, but I hate to take away from the glitter by making my base colors too show-stopping :)

You can see the glitter mix a bit better in the closeup- I couldn't even begin to describe all the glitters in here! I absolutely adore a good random glitter mix- I was lusting after a pair of shoes at Deb last fall- this style, but  with more of a platform, and more varied in color. Alas, they clearance before I bought them, and they only had a size 6 left! Damn my waiting! Anyway, the point is, I affectionately took to calling them the "glitter vomit" shoes. And ever since, random multi-colored, absolutely fabulous glittery things are known to me as "glitter vomit". In the best of all possible ways, of course! This polish is definitely glitter vomit!

It applied easily as well. Cassie recommends dabbing the glitter on for the best coverage, but I didn't have to. I painted this on with regular strokes, like any other polish. There was a bit of dragging, but I light touch eliminated any problems with that. Also- that is only one coat on my nails! This is very saturated with glitter! I have loved every Trelly Polish I've tried, and will definitely go back for more.

Trelly's MISC Polish can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles are $9, minis go for $4.50. Be sure to stop by the Trelly Polish Facebook page and pay a like as well- there are previews of her Haloween polish, Spiked Witch's Brew, plus her newest Collection, which is movie themed- love I'm a Mouse, Duh!

Support your indies, ladies!

* This polish was provided to me for an honest review.

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