Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poke Me by Black Sheep Lacquer

I'm back again, with another lovely sent to me by Erin of Black Sheep Lacquer! AND I'm going against my tradition of saving the best for last, as this one is quite possibly my favorite of the whole bunch :)

Poke Me, as described by Erin, is "a light pink base jammed with 2 different holographic glitters." As described by me: Poke Me is a pale, pinky-mauve nude scattered holo that tries so hard to be linear, but the paleness of the base makes it hard to see that line in most lighting. 

All photos show two coats of Poke Me topped with Out the Door, taken under Ott Lite. 

You can see just a bit on rainbow holo lines here. 

Poke Me applied wonderfully, and was fully opaque at to coats. I never stop at two coats, but I did with this baby. The color is so fresh and delicate, and I don't think it's too flashy to be an office polish. The linear holo is a bit weak, but I attribute that to the lightness of the color. It is still a beautiful polish as a scattered holo. 

Black Sheep Lacquers are available on Etsy, and can be followed on Facebook

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Calm Like A Bomb by Black Sheep Lacquer

Hello, my loves! As you can see, I'm still not quite back into my usual routine (mostly because my nails are just starting to get back to normal after the move!), but I do have a brand new series starting today! Erin from Black Sheep Lacquer sent me several polishes to review, and I'm starting them off today! 

First up is Calm Like A Bomb, "a glitter bomb in all senses of the word. It's jammed with turquoise, blue, green and holographic glitter."  All photos are taken under Ott Lite. The above photo shows two coats, topped with Seche Vite. 

Calm Like A Bomb was a bit thick on first application, and I prefer my polish a bit thinner, as I get more control out of it. So I added a few drops of thinner, and re-manicured. All remaining photos show three coats of thinned out Calm Like A Bomb, topped with Out the Door. 

Blues are not my favorite shade to wear, but this one is nice. It is definitely a glitter bomb, and I can see this being a part of my patriotic manis come Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day etc. Before thinning, the shimmery blue base of the polish hid a bit of the glitter, but once thinned out, application was perfect. The handle on my mini bottle is a bit longer than the standard mini brush top, which was very nice- it gave a bit more to hold onto while polishing. Final Verdict: I can see lots of you ladies drooling over this intense, shimmery bright blue, and I say go for it! 

Black Sheep Lacquer is available on Etsy, and can be liked on Facebook. I have several more of Erin's lovely polishes to show off over the next week, so stop back!

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tornado Alley by Glitterfied Nails

Today brings us to the last of the trio of polishes I received from Andrea of Glitterfied Nails, and- of course- it's my favorite! I really like to save the best for last :) 

Is it any surprise this is my fave? I LOVE grey polishes, and cremes with fun glitter mixes, so this is an obvious winner! Meet Tornado Alley by Glitterfied Nails. Andrea created this beauty with her hometown high school in mind, and it is modeled after the Dover High Tornados' team colors. It is "shades of super-fine red, red hex, fine jet black and silver holographic floating in a medium gray base." Photos show three coats alone, topped with Out the Door, taken under Ott Lite. 

The grey base of Tornado Alley is very slightly taupe-y leaning, rather than being a true neutral grey. I believe the first photo shows this tendency the best. 

I can't say enough how much I love a good grey creme with glitter. I just can't. And this one delivers: the polish applies smoothly, with no glitter clumping or dragging. The base colors is dense enough to be opaque in three coats, but not so heavy that the glitters get lost:, giving great DEPTH! 

In case you missed my previous Glitterfied posts, check them out by clicking the links: Razzleberry and Hope Floats. Also: Check out Glitterfied Nails on Etsy (where you can purchase some of your very own) and Facebook (when you can click the "Like" button and make Andrea very happy :)

While perusing the Glitterfied Etsy shop, keep in mind that Andrea has offered a coupon code for my dear readers! Use code NOTTOOPOLISHED15 to take 15% off your entire order! 

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hope Floats by Glitterfied Nails

We're FINALLY getting some Spring weather here! It snowed/rained/sleeted all last weekend, sending me into a huge funk, but it's almost 50 (F) outside today, and bright and sunny! 

Today's polish is a lovely spring-y color that would work equally well in the fall: Hope Floats by Glitterfied Nails. Creator Andrea calls is a Rose Gold, which I can understand, but it is so much more than that! It's not technically a color shifting polish, but the lighting does alter its appearance: rose gold, to pinky russet, to almost coppery. It's a very unique and delicate color. Photos show three coats, topped with Out the Door taken under Ott Lite. 

Hope Floats was a bit sheer on the first coat, but built up very nicely in three. You can see a little bit of brish stroke on the glare in the photo above, but it was not at all noticeable in person. Andrea says that this polish is a stunner as undies for glitter topcoats, so expect a revisit after I pour through the glitters in my stash to find the perfect one to pair with this puppy! 

Glitterfied Nails is available on Etsy, and can be followed on Facebook. I have one more Glitterfied lovely to show off, and that one actually has glitter! So be sure to stop back and check it out tomorrow! Andrea has offered a coupon code for my dear readers! Use code NOTTOOPOLISHED15 to take 15% off your entire order! 

*This polish was sent to me for an honest review. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Razzleberry by Glitterfied Nails

Ready for another newbie brand? You know I always am :) The lovely Andrea from Glitterfied Nails sent me a few of her stunning polishes to review, and today kicks off the Glitterfiedfest!

Meet Razzleberry, by Glitterfied Nails. Andrea describes is as "bright, shimmery hot pink, with a flash of violet." Spot on! Razzleberry is like a more feminine, elegant version of Rimmel's Stop Traffic, one of my fave polishes ever :) Photos show three coats alone, topped with a coat of Out The Door. 

Look at that stunner! Looking at these photos makes me sad, as my nails are all nubby and scraggly after the move. I want them to look like that again! 

Application on this baby was easy-breezy. The first coat was pretty sheer, but it built up quickly. I'm quite impressed by the formula on the shimmer polishes that Glitterfied Nails has to offer- I have another to show off tomorrow! 

Glitterfied Nails can be purchased on Etsy, and liked on Facebook. And as a special treat, just for you my dear readers, Andrea is offering a special coupon code! Use code NOTTOOPOLISHED15 during checkout on Etsy to receive 15% off of your order! Code will be valid for two weeks. 

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

John Thomas/Lady Jane by Literary Lacquer

Today brings us to the last of the polishes sent to me by the lovely Amy of Literary Lacquer, and it's definitely my favorite! (Although More Like Fire Than Light gave it a run for its money :)

Meet John Thomas/Lady Jane, from The Good Parts collection, inspired by the erotic novel Lady Chatterly's Lover. Creator Amy describes it as "a deep forest green glitter polish with accents of many shades of green glitter and shimmer and a touch of white glitter."

I decided to layer this one, as it is super glitter-dense. I used two thin coats over Fingerpaints Tough Art To Follow, topped with Seche Vite. All photos are taken in natural sunlight.

I love the little pops of white glitter (it reminds me of daisies in a meadow), and- as you can see- some of the larger green glitters are holographic!

I love green polish, so it's no surprise that I LOVED this one! It is VERY heavy on the glitter, and could become completely opaque in three-ish coats, or layered over a variety of greens, changing up the look slightly. With all the glitter in this puppy, it did take a bit of patience to apply: make sure each coat is dry before doing the next, or you will drag it around. 

John Thomas/Lady Jane, along with the rest of The Good Parts collection (and many other gorgeous colors) can be purchased on Etsy. Be sure to like Literary Lacquer on Facebook as well!

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

More Like Fire Than Light

Whew! What a ride! I am finally settled in after a very long, very stressful two weeks of moving! My nails took quite a beating, and I have soo much to catch up on in the nail world, but I am SO glad to be back! Luckily, I have several polishes that were swatched before the move, so my poor, torn up nails have a bit of a chance to heal :)

Ladies: I'm coming back with a bang! I have something truly fantastic for you today: Another of the polishes sent to me for review by Literary Lacquer, and it's a stunning linear holo!

I am pleased to introduce you to More Like Fire Than Light, an intense and vivid juicy orange linear holo inspired by Delta of Venus by Anais Nin. I don't really read erotic fiction myself, but even I'm aware of the inspiration behind this one. All photos show three coats of More Like Fire Than Light, topped with Out The Door, taken under natural sunlight.

The holo in More Like Fire Than Light is just . . . wow. Look at those lines!

My absolute favorite thing about this polish? It doesn't look at all dusty or dull out of the sunlight. Look at how vibrant that orange is in the shade! It's like a bright tangerine shimmer with a special surprise when you step outside.

Application was perfect. Three coats give complete opacity and the brightest possible color, and the linear holo is strong enough to stand up to any topcoat. Pretty sure this polish is going to be a staple for me all summer: it might possibly the only polish I use on my toes at all! 

Literary Lacquers can be purchased on Etsy, and liked on Facebook. If you'd like to see two of the other The Good Parts polishes that I've reviewed, they can be found here: Woman of Pleasure and Bionic Mmmm Detector. I have one more polish to show you, and, as always, I saved my favorite for last, so tune back in tomorrow!

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review.