Not Too Polished Indie Polish

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All Not Too Polished colors currently available can be viewed through my Etsy shop. Retired and Out of Season colors, as well as Current and Preview colors, can be viewed on my Facebook page.

Orders can be made through Etsy, or by email. Please send all inquiries to
I accept payment through Paypal only.

Reviews of Not Too Polished on other Blogs
Polished Cousins: Hatter, Alice, Dinah (Wonderland)

Polished Cousins: Cheshire Cat, Red Queen, White Rabbit (Wonderland)

Taneja's Bride:  Violent Violet (Crayonbox Rainbow- retired), Pool (Luau 2012) , Catherine Wheel (Firecracker 2012)

Elemental Styles : New Grass, Peach Blossom (May Flowers 2012)

Elemental Styles: Hatter (Wonderland)

Crystal's Crazy Combos: Granger (Hogwarts Alums)

Crystal's Crazy Combos: Bone (Zombie), The House of Black and White (The Magic of Westeros- unreleased)

Crystal's Crazy Combos: Bone (Zombie), topped with Jeweled Sand by Windestine

Adventures in Acetone: the Eyrie (The Great Houses of Westeros)

Adventures in Acetone: Dragonstone (The Great Houses of Westeros)

Adventures in Acetone: Bengal Fire (Firecracker 2012)

Polish Fixation: Orange Crush (unreleased), Bubble Party (Raver- retired), Grand Finale (Firecracker 2012)

Tough As Nails Lacquer: Riverrun (The Great Houses of Westeros Collection)

Deuce Beauties: Kiwi, Watermelon, Tangerine (Fruit Salad 2012)

Makeup Your Face: Watermelon (Fruit Salad 2012)

Tara's Nail Art: The Eyrie (The Great Houses of Westeros)

Tara's Nail Art: Tangerine (Fruit Salad 2012)

Iron Clad Nails: Zombie Collection

Polished Cousins: Gourd, Dusk, Maple (Harvest Goddess 2012)

Polished Cousins: Oak, Leaf and Soil from the (Harvest Goddess 2012)

Lisa's Nail Obsession: Wonderland Collection

Things I Love At The Moment: Dessicate, Rosebud (May Flowers 2012), Dusk (Harvest Goddess 2012)

I Heart Pretty Polish: The Wearin' O' the Green (Luck of the Irish 2013)

I Heart Pretty Polish: Hibernian Fields and Pint O' Guinness (Luck of the Irish 2013)

His Girl Reviews: Camellia (English Garden 2013) and Goes Ding When There's Stuff (Allons-Y!)

His Girl Reviews: Hello Sweetie (Geronimo!)

His Girl Reviews: Skeeter (Hogwarts Alums)

Go Polish Yourself: My Frankly Magnificent Timeship (Fantastic!)

Accio Lacquer: The Great Houses of Westeros Collection

Lyn B Designs: Skeeter (Hogwarts Alums)

LynB Designs: Oi, Spaceman! and That's . . . Ood (Fantastic!) and The Pandorica Opens (Geronimo!)

Accio Lacquer: Halloween in Hogsmeade Collection

Lyn B Designs: Halloween in Hogsmeade Collection

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