Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crumpet's 33DC: Lines

Hello, my dears. I have sad news. I think I'm going to have to postpone the remaining 33 Day Challenge posts :( That torn nail on my middle finger finally gave out, and the falsie I'm using to keep my hand functional just can't stand up to regular polish changes. I've got a few more posts ready, and then I'll have to finish up in about two weeks when the break finally reaches the free edge of my nail. 

Anyway, I started out today's mani with Sinful Colors Midnight Blue. Then used my trusty striping tape to do some nifty lines. I painted over them with Sinful Colors Black on Black on my index, my own Twas The Night Before Christmas on my middle, and layered both together on my ring and pinkie. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

River Song by Ador Beauty

Can you feel it, my dears? Excitement is in the air! In just two short days, The Day of the Doctor will air! The 50th anniversary Doctor Who special is airing 50 years to the day since the premier of the original episode! Sadly, I will not be able to watch The Day of the Doctor live, as I don't have cable, or even a TV! My parents will be DVRing for me, and I'll be able to watch at my leisure :) In celebration, I'll be showing off some of my favorite Whovian polishes over the next few days. 

We'll start the whole shebang off with River Song by Ador Beauty. I've had this puppy sitting around for ages, but I never got around to swatching it, for . . . reasons. More on that when I get into the review portion. This is three coats of River Song, topped with Seche Vite. Photos taken under Ott Lite. Creator Olivia describes River Song as a "sexy, sassy maroon shade with a holographic purple glitter (inspired by her halucinogenic lipstick) and big golden glitters (to symbolize her beautiful hair)." 

Let me start by saying this: I love the theory behind this polish, and it did turn out beautiful. But I did have some issues. First of all, it is definitely pink, and not even a little bit maroon! The photos in the Etsy listing reflect that, and it is exactly the shade I thought I was getting. I didn't even realize that it was called maroon until I went to add the description to this post! My real issue with this polish, however, was application. This baby was T.H.I.C.K. Like, unusable thick when I first got it. So I let it sit for months without using. Then I finally got my hands on some polish thinner, added a few drops and . . . still too thick to use. So I filled all the empty space in the bottle with thinner, mixed it up with an orange stick, and let it rest a few days. Or so I thought. Then I moved. Twice. When I finally got around to swatching the polish, it was usable, but I still added a few more drops of thinner, just to make application easier. Finally! There was a lot of work to get there, but once I did get there, I love this polish! It's a great color, and I love the holo sparkle. 

I really hate writing negative reviews, especially when I do like the product, so I debated whether or not to post this for a while, but I ultimately decided to go ahead. Most of us hard-core nailistas have plenty of polish thinner on hand (why the hell do those bottles have to be so big? I've barely put a dent in mine!), and if you're prepared to put some work into, I highly recommend the color. Perhaps it was even a fluke- maybe I got a bad bottle! Ador Beauty Products- polish and cosmetics- can be purchased on Etsy

Crumpet's 33DC: Something From Pinterest

I, like I'm sure all of you, keep a board on Pinterest specifically for inspiration manis. Lots of goals that are way too lofty for me, but I managed to find one that I love and could easily recreate :) I went with this mani, originally from Nail Polish Society.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet. Stamping was done with Sinful Colors Black on Black and Red Angel plate RA-112. I think I need a new stamper- mine has been doing a pretty crappy job of picking up my images lately :(

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Crumpet's 33DC: Color You Own Most Of

Today was a bit of a toss up. In my stash, purple and green are pretty much always neck and neck. I'm pretty sure purple is winning currently by 2 polishes. With Christmas coming, green will probably edge out soon. Even if it doesn't, I'll be using a lot more green polishes, so I went with purple for today.

I started with a base of A Tree's Love by The Lady Varnishes. This polish is seriously amazing! Want a better look at it? Come back December 7th for the full review! Anyway, I loved the color so much I wanted to keep the design simple, so I just did some dots, first in Ducky by Lyn B Designs, then one top of that with Orly Purple Crush (which is actually a hot fuchsia, but since it's called purple, I went with it :) 

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crumpet's 33DC: A Pattern In Your Wardrobe

Back on Based on a Pattern in your Home day, I was absolutely shocked to discover how many people had no pattern in their homes! Nothing but solid colored draperies and bed linens to be seen! And then we come to today, and . . . I have no pattern in my wardrobe. Of my standard daily wear, I have a few black/white/grey striped shirts and one black and white polka dot shirt. Everything else is solids, with a few graphic tees for good measure. In hindsight, I have some amazing socks I could have used, as I love fun socks. Fun fact: I don't own a single pair of white socks. 

Anyway, the socks idea didn't come to me in time, so I went with jammies! These are one of my favorite pajamas bottoms. There's just cheapie cotton shorts, but they're cute and comfy, so why not do my nails based on them? 

I started out with Wet N Wild Teal Slowly and See. The cherries were dotted on with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Presto Pink, Revlon Spirit and Sinful Colors Exotic Green for the stems. 

Super love these!

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Crumpet's 33DC: Geometric

Evening, dears. In the midst of all the kitty-chaos last week, this also happened.

I know it's difficult to see, but that is a ginormous tear, half way up my middle finger. On my swatching hand. Damnit. It's still there, and it's still torn, but I've been babying it and holding it on with superglue and prayers. Hopefully it will hang on long enough to reach my free edge, or else that sumbitch is gonna HURT. 

The actual point of this post is this art. This is for the geometric prompt, and I cannot believe how happy I am with the result. I wish I had done the same stamp on all my fingers, but oh well, next time. I will recreate this one at some point. 

My base is Orly Ingenue, and the stamping was done with Sinful Colors Black on Black. I don't recall the plate number, but both stamps were from the same Red Angel plate. 

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Crumpet's 33DC: Europe

Hello, darlings- another catch up post (I'll be doing about 5 tonight- fair warning! I had most of the manis done before kitty got sick, and never had time to post them!). This time the prompt is Europe, and I admit to being a bit stuck on this one. And I think it should have been one of the easier ones for some reason. However, I came across this supercool map on Tumblr that I used for inspiration. 

Source (Where I found it anyway.)

I freehanded all my stripes. Polishes used were: Revlon Speed Dry Spirit, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, Nina Ultra Pro Blue Blaze, Sinful Colors Exotic Green, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightning, and a Sinful Colors white striper. My flags (if you can't tell!) are France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. 

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