Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hungry Like the Wolf: Timberwolf by Custom Nail Art

I should really take a page from Robin over at Polished Cousins (along with many others), who has a weekly Blue Monday post. Only for Gray. Only there are no days that start with G, and I tend to pick my posts pretty arbitrarily and randomly, based on what looks good to me at the time. So for now, I'll just keep posting my greys as they come to me and inspire me, just like this one did today!

Meet Timberwolf by Custom Nail Art. Ashlyee, creator, describes it as "a gorgeous grey color with a bit of mystery mixed in. Depending on how the light hits your fingers, you can pick up subtle red, green and blue tones."  Shown is three coats topped with Out the Door, indoors under a "natural" light. 

Direct sunlight. Almost looks like a pewter foil!

Indirect sun, and the blue tones really shine through.

Last few photos are in the shade.

Green tones are more visible near the top of the nails. Inside at work, under fluorescent lighting, the green was far more prominent. It looked liked a dusty, greyed out seafoam color. Beautiful!

This was one of the most surprising color I've come across in a long time. I was expecting a grey shimmer (I know, I know, I'm no great shakes at reading descriptions. I snap polishes up as soon as I see them), and was blown away by the unexpected multichrome-ness of it! Its not an overt color-shifter, obviously, as I didn't notice it based on bottle shots, but it absolutely shifts based on the light. You can see the blue and green in all of the outdoor photos, and the grey in the indoor shot. This applied great, though perhaps a bit thick. Not enough to need thinner, just a bit thick.

Custom Nail Art Polishes can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles run between $7-$11, and minis are $3.75 each. There are also packages on minis that will save you a bit, like a 3/$9 set. Be sure to stop by and like the Facebook page also!

On a completely unrelated note, my followers are sloooowly creeping up there: I've already started shopping for a giveaway at 100, and we're nearly 40% of the way! Share the good news, lovlies :P

Support your indies!

*This polish was sent to me for an honest review.

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