Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Is Rum Gone?: Don't Forget the Rum by Vivid Lacquer

I haven't done a grey in nearly a week, and this one- packed as it is with pink, black and white glitters- is especially heart stopping!

Meet Don't Forget the Rum by Vivid Lacquer. For the life of me, I cannot look at this polish without hearing the "Why is the Rum Gone" remix! Manicure is three coats of Don't Forget the Rum over Palladio Fuse base coat (got it for something like $1.50 on clearance at Sally's- got to say I love it!), topped with a coat of Seche Vite. Photos taken outside in full sun.

Gahh! This glitter mix is just amazing. Don't forget the rum is a dark, charcoal grey base with matte pink, white and black glitters in hexes, bars and squares. The base is jellyish, but absolutely does not need any undies. The glitter gets that nice, layered look with a few coats, and it's just fabulous.

Shade photo. This polish is very unique: I don't even have a similar grey in my stash (shocker!), let alone with anything like this glitter combination. 

Anni from Vivid Lacquer definitely knows what she's doing. Of the three polishes I received from Vivid, not a one had application issues. (Check out Daisy here.) They go on smooth and even with no glitter fishing, clumping or dragging. Very nice glitter ratio- not a bomb, but not too sparse either. Perfectly opaque in two coats, but I have a habit of doing three. Vivid has definitely earned a spot on my list of favorite indies!

Vivid Lacquer colors can be purchased on Etsy for $9 (full size). Anni also makes her own stamping plates, and there are two new ones currently on preorder- should be available early - mid September. One has those gears that I was talking about for my Steampunk mani! Be sure to stop by Vivid's Facebook page and give them a like as well: updates on restocks, color previews and manis done with her amazing stamping plates! (Seriously, everyone who needs to buy me a b-day present in 34 days can get me all of those plates!)

Support your indies, ladies!

* This polish was provided to me for an honest review.

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