Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lovely Lilac: Party Mix by Styler Design

I love cremes, and I love glitter, and when they combine well, it's a thing of beauty. Today's lovely is Party Mix, by Styler Design, and I'm going to give you the bad new first.


The glitter sinks. Pretty badly, as you can see on the left. But the good news is that the photo on the right was taken after a mere 15 seconds of shaking. The polish was nice and thin, so the glitter reconstituted itself very easily. I've seen sinking glitters that take a good couple minutes to become usable, and luckily this isn't one of them. If having to shake your polish bothers you at all, then this may be an issue, but for me: I shake my polish before I use it anyway. But, full disclosure and all. Now, on to the rest of the good news.

This is three coats of Party Mix, topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. All photos taken in direct sunlight.

Sarah from Styler Design describes Party Mix as "a creamy lilac base polish with a mix of glitters. Yep, it's got a whole lot going on but it is absolutely lovely. With small lavender hex glitter, medium purple square glitter, small teal hex glitter, micro blue glitter, orange hex glitter, gold hex glitter and silver flakes." Sounds like party mix to me? After all, what is Chex Mix but a bunch of random snack foods, baked with spices, and delicious?

The purple glitters are far more prominent, but with a closer look you can see the full rainbow of included glitters. I had no problems with this polish at all, other than the sinking. The lilac base is slightly sheer, to show off the glitter, so I did three coats. Three coats is not abnormal for me at all. If you prefer fewer, or wish to conserve polish, a nice lilac base color would be appropriate. 

After wearing it shiny for a bit, I decided to go at it with a matte topcoat. And let me tell you, this may be the first time I've PREFERRED the matte look! The multicolored glitter just jumps out when the polish as a whole isn't shiny! I used NYC Matte Me Crazy over the previous topcoat. And look at it! Doesn't it look like candy?

Styler Design polishes can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles are $8.75, and three minis can be had for $14.25. Stop by and give a Like on Facebook as well- support your indies, ladies :)

Cheers, dears!

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