Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Delicate Flower: Vivid Lacquer's Daisy

White based polishes seem to be very popular lately, but I have to admit: I haven't worn white polish since middle school! At least, not as anything other than a base for a neon or colored glitter. But this beauty is definitely not the white polish I wore back in 7th grade.

Meet Daisy by Vivid Lacquer. Anni from Vivid calls is "a delicate white jellyish polish with slight gold shimmer and filled with white diamond, fine green and matte yellow glitter." Delicate is the perfect word: it is very springy, and happy and delicate. Like little daisy petal fingers.

This is three and a half coats over bare nail, topped with SV, in full sun. 

None of my photos seemed to pick up the gold shimmer, but it was certainly there! You can see it a tiny bit in the light reflect on my index finger. It is subtly, but it adds a beautiful depth to this white. There is also a white diamond glitter visible on that nail. These also showed up much better in person than they are in the photos. 

In the shade: the green and yellow glitters show up quite a bit better without the sun shining on them.

I did three and a half coats of this, but three would have been fine if I had taken more care around my cuticles. One coat over a creme white would serve as well, but I like the depth that "buried" glitter gives. There was no fishing for the diamond glitter at all: there are several scattered on my nails, but my camera won't pick up the white-on-white. Seche Vite on top kept everything in place. The diamonds don't curl, but my nails are very curved, so I placed those as carefully as I could whenever one came out. 

Vivid Lacquer can be purchase on Etsy, and liked on Facebook. Full sized polish bottles are $9, minis $4.50, and stamping plates (that's right: Indie STAMPING PLATES!) are $8 each. I've really wanted to get into stamping, since I'm horrible at nail art, and I think these might be the catalyst I need. There are currently only two plates listed in the shop, but one has a full nail Skull and Crossbones image, a star "corner" image, and some adorable paw prints, while the other has a TRex, butterfly wing, full star image and a Tetris design! Both plates have more images on them, but those are the ones that I'm all excited about :)

Have you tried Vivid Lacquer's polish or plates yet? What do you think? I also have Don't Forget the Rum and Ice Queen's Lament to review, and I'm pretty excited about those :)

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  1. I love white-based polishes with glitter!
    I've tagged you for the Liebster Award, you can check out the details on my blog here: http://globeandnail.blogspot.ca/2012/08/the-liebster-award.html :)