Sunday, August 5, 2012

Starlight, Starbright

Another Starlight and Sparkles today! These polishes are amazingly versatile, bringing amazing new life to your boring old dark cremes. Today is brought to you by Starlight, flagship/namesake polish of Starlight and Sparkles.

Starlight is a holographic topcoat, turning any color into a linear holo! Can't find that perfect hot pink holo? Now you can. Take your fave color, add a coat of this, and voila! My mani is Starlight over China Glaze Near Dark, a deliciously dark and swampy green. With the holo over the top, the green gets a bit lost, but . . . holo! 

Check out that gorgeous rainbow break <3

I have to admit, I am a holo convert. I want all of them. Every holo, ever made.

In the shade. Still trying to scatter a little bit, bless it's heart. 

The green of my undies is a bit more visible here, now that the holo isn't distracting everyone.
Like every Starlight and Sparkles polish that I have tried, this one applied amazingly, and was pretty much chip free at the end of the day. This polish is made with Spectraflair, and is 3-free and vegan. 

Starlight and Sparkles polishes can be purchased on Etsy. A full size bottle of Starlight runs $12. 

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