Friday, August 17, 2012

PENNY! ::knockknockknock:: PENNY!!! by Different Dimensions

Every year for Halloween, my family throws a HUGE house party, usually with an overarching theme. We're talking all out, don't even recognize my parents' house decorations, theme fitting food, costume contests with prizes, triva games, everything! Since we're such Halloween people, of course we start planning early! My buddy Dane and I are doing a Steampunk Extravaganza this year to fit the Time Travel theme. Of course, I started planning my mani and makeup before my dress! I plan on doing a multi colored mani- every nail a different industrial metal type color, with some sprocket and gear stamping. And I just met the first polish to make the cut!

Meet Penny!!! by DIFFERENT Dimension. Inspired by Sheldon's over-the-top knocking ritual on The Big Bang Theory. Missy doesn't describe this polish in the store listing (you know how I feel about this!), but this one is relatively easy. It's a clear-ish base (not that you can tell- this is a glitter BOMB) with TONS of small copper glitter and copper shimmer, plus larger copper and bronze hexes. It very much looks like a shiny new penny. That has oddly tarnished in very selective spots.

I had a hard time getting a bottle shot, since each bottle I got had a QR code on it. I think that's a very neat touch, and isn't something I've seen on a polish before, indie OR mainstream. I don't have a smartphone, so I couldn't see what this connects to, but I would imagine it links to the Etsy listing for the color?

This could be a layering polish if you wanted it to be, but it built up amazingly on it's own. This is two and a half coats (two full coats, plus some touch up) topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos taken in full sun.

This polish is crazy blingy! The micro copper glitters and shimmer made this effectively a colored base, but the particles were a bit larger than your standard pigment. It layers over itself to create one of the most opaque glitter polishes I've come across yet!

Seriously, this one is going in my Steampunk mani :) Penny!!! was a bit on the thick side, but wasn't at all unmanageable. I was a bit impatient with this mani, so I didn't wait for it to dry to see how gritty it was. I added Gelous and Seche Vite out of habit, and it was mirror smooth after that. 

DIFFERENT Dimensions polish can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles are $8.50, but Missi has graciously offered my readers a coupon code good for 20% off your entire order! Use code NOTTOO20 through 8/31 to snap up some beauties at a savings! (I'm totally crushing on Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty right now!) Be sure to like DIFFERENT Dimension of Facebook as well, for updates and previews of new pretties :)

Stay tuned for another DIFFERENT Dimension review- 50 Shades, coming soon!

Support your indies, ladies!

* This polish was provided to me for an honest review.

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  1. I have the whole Big Bang Theory collection coming soon. I can't wait to try them out for myself!!