Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Girl: Boo by Tara's Nail Art

I love pink. I'm 100% girly girl, and I love pink. But I don't wear pink that often (except for hot pinks), because I'm really pale, and it makes my skin look odd. I get more of a mannequin hands vibe from pinks than I ever do from nudes. Today, I don't care.

This is Boo by Tara's Nail Art. Boo is a beautiful bubble gum pink creme with light and dark pink matter hex glitters, inspired by the little girl Boo, from Monster's Inc. 

This is three coats of Boo alone, topped with Out the Door. The light pink glitters kind of disappear in the full sun pictures, but they did show up in person. The glitter in this did settle a bit, but a few minutes upside down put that to right. Then it applied like a dream. As I'm sure you're aware by now, I like the "buried" glitter look, so I don't use undies for most colored polishes, but a baby pink creme would make a great base for this, and would make the lighter pink glitters really pop out. 

When I was a kid, the ice cream truck had a popsicle-type confection that was bubble gum flavored ice cream with actual chunks of bubble gum in it. It would probably disgust me now, but it was my absolute favorite back in the day, and that is exactly what this color reminds me of! It is a great, girly pink. It it my new pedicure polish (and one again, I promise to never show you my toes!), and that means it's here to stay. I'm really lazy about painting my toenails, so when I pick a pedi color, it will be there for a least a few weeks.  

Tara's Nail Art can be purchased on Etsy. There are currently only minis listed in the shop, and they are $3. Tara also makes really cute nail polish jewelry! 

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