Monday, August 13, 2012

An Appropriate Pairing: Delightful Mermaid by Lacey Lou's Stockpile

I love purples, and I don't tend to wear a lot of them, because if they become too blue-toned, I feel like my skin gets washed out. Rationalization aside, I LOVE purple.  

Meet Delightful Mermaid, but Lacey Lou's Stockpile. It is a sheer purple jelly base with such a huge array of glitters that my camera was freaking out a bit. I barely got any decent pictures of this lovely polish :( I used two coats of Delightful Mermaid in this mani, over A England's Lady of the Lake. Hence the appropriate pairing :) To be sure, mermaids are more commonly found in the sea, but I allowed myself a bit of artistic license.

This polish was a bit thick, but went on very easily. In the bottle you can see the array of shatter glitter that this polish is full of: it reminds me of all the beautiful flotsam and jetsam floating in the sea, collected by a mermaid with a hoarding disorder.

Lacey says that this polish was inspired by a solid perfume that she got from Unbound Eden Cosmetics on Etsy, also called Delightful Mermaid. (Unbound Eden has since moved to

This is the truest-to-color picture I captured (we all know how cameras hate purple). It is more violet than blue. And again with the lovely flakes of colored glitter! There are traditional hexes in here as well, but I think the irregular shapes are really what makes this polish, and what makes it fit its name! 

I'd like to layer this over a lighter polish next, to see the purple really stand on its own two . . . on its own merit!

Lacey Lou's Polishes can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles run $9, and minis are $4.75. Be sure to Like on Facebook, and check out my reviews of Summer Nights and Sugared Cherries as well! I cannot say enough good things about this brand- have you tried it out yet? Which colors are you crushing on?

Cheers, dears!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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  1. Ohh another indie I need to try! I love purple and I think it looks nice on you :)