Monday, August 27, 2012

Master Shake!! by Daring Digits

One of the first polish blogs that I came across and started following was Polished Cousins. Erin, one of aforementioned cousins, posted a while back that she hated the term "lemming" as applied to polish. It seems to imply that you want it only because everyone else does, at least to me. Her proposed replacement? Stalkee. I absolutely agree that a new term is needed, but I don't really stalk polish either. So my term: crush. I totally have a crush on this polish. Have since the first time I saw it, and I knew it would eventually be mine. 

Ladies: Meet Master Shake by Daring Digits. I love to look through Etsy's sold listings as well as available polish, to better get a feel for the polishes the shop is able to make. I made it as far as Master Shake before I stopped dead, and sent a convo asking Ashley to make it for me. Alas, the base was out of stock :( Hence it wasn't listed. But never fear!, she assured me, as it was on the way, and would be restocked soon! So I waited. And waited. And saw the frosty version of this polish, which- obviously- would not cut it. Then finally, after long years of agony (or perhaps a few weeks), I chanced to catch a glimpse of that oh-so-coveted creamy base on my Etsy sidebar! ::SNAP:: Into my cart it goes, along with select other Daring Digits to be shown at a later date. Enough of the saga- read on to see why I was so in love with Master Shake!

Ashley, an avid ATHF fan, calls this polish her "tribute to Master Shake. White base polish with pink and yellowish gold glitter." It is also available in a frosty white base by special request. But cremes are my thing, girls. I NEEDED the creamy base! 

Instead of your typical "holding the polish bottle" photo op, I wanted to show this photo- the never-before-seen "holding a bottle of milk" photo op :) For science, of course! The base of this polish isn't truly white-white, but kind of a less yellow buttermilk color. A gorgeous, off-white speckled with pink and gold. 

Against another white background. This is three coats of Master Shake alone, topped with Seche Vite. Photos taken outdoors in direct and indirect sunlight. 

In the shade. This photo doesn't really offer anything that the others don't, but I like to show you a variety of lighting when available.

O.M.G. I never say that, but seriously- what else can be said? 

This polish went on like a dream- it was everything I wanted it to be! I personally wouldn't recommend layering this polish over white (as might be expected), simply because the gorgeous glitter depth would be lost. I did try it out on a nail wheel, but immediately rejected the idea. Master Shake's creamy base built to opacity in three coats, and the floating glitter look is amazing. I seriously love glitter creme-jellies. (Often called crellies, but I dislike that term as well.)

Daring Digits polish can be purchased on Etsy- slightly more than full size bottles (16.5ml as opposed to 15ml) are $7.75, and minis are $4.25. Ashley offers the gamut of polishes from glitter toppers to glitter in colored bases to interference polishes, and even a few shimmers. All polishes are 3-free, made with suspension base and stainless steel mixing balls. Be sure to check out Daring Digits on Facebook, instagram (#daringdigits ) and their very own blog as well.

Support your indies, ladies!

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