Friday, September 14, 2012

Violet Flakie Jelly: Ozga the Rose Princess by A Rhyming Dictionary

Today we showcase the last of my A Rhyming Dictionary polishes, and probably my least favorite. It's a beautiful color, but I was a bit underwhelmed. I should say that I'm not a huge flakie fan in general, so my opinion may be colored by that. 

This is Ozga the Rose Princess. Morgan calls this one "a deep shade of lavender with blue, purple and rainbow flakies in it." It is a beautiful jelly violet color, but the flakies pulled a bit of a no show. This is four coats of Ozga on its own, topped with Out The Door. Photos taken in natural light.

Surprisingly, for a purple, the nail color is pretty accurate- the bottle color is obviously not. Ozga is not at all blue toned. You CAN see the flakies in the bottle though!

You can see a bit of flakie here as well. 

No show really isn't the right term- the flakies were visible, they just weren't very flashy. They would show up a lot better over black, but then you lose the pretty purple coloring. 

Overall, I did like this polish, I just liked the others better. You kind of have to choose between the color or the flakies, and I went with the color, because violet is one of my favorites :) It was almost imperceptible on the first coat, but it built to this beautiful squishy-jelly in four coats. The flakies were there, but you had to look to notice them. I will try this over black, and possible a dark purple, and report back. It would also make for a yummy jelly sandwich, so you may see this one a few more times. 

A Rhyming Dictionary polishes are available on Etsy. $3.50 minis and $7.50 full size. Make sure to like ARD on Facebook for updates and swatches :)

Support your indies, ladies!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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