Monday, September 3, 2012

There's A Storm A-Brewin!: 70% Chance of Rain by Starry Earth

Ladies, I have found a blue polish that I really, really like! I didn't think it would happen, but it's absolutely blue, and I absolutely loved it!

Meet 70% Chance of Rain, by Starry Earth. Being a highly grey-toned blue probably didn't hurt its cause :) This is three coats of 70% Chance of Rain on all fingers but the middle, which is two coats over a metallic silver. There was really no difference at all in the final look of the polish over this base color versus alone. The ring finger accent is a decal by Long Changed, which will get its very own full review shortly. 

Elizabeth From Starry Earth describes 70% Chance as a "stormy grey-blue shimmer polish. It has tiny (and I mean tiny) silver holo glitters. It shimmers without being overpowering." You can see the holo particles, both on the nail and in the bottle, in the photo above. Like sunlight on raindrops after a storm. 

Depending on the light, this polish went from a baby blue to a very greyed out blue, but either way it was pretty.

Obligatory shade shot- without the sparkle it looks almost Robin's Egg Blue. This is not a color shifting polish at all, it's just one of those colors that is very difficult to describe.

70 % Chance of Rain applied very nicely. It was basically a creme in terms of application, as the glitter isn't large enough to effect the way it applied. And it was great: thick enough that it didn't pool, and thin enough that it self-leveled to create a smooth surface. I tend to use Seche Vite on all glitters, but these were fine enough that I got away with Out the Door. Which makes me happy, because it is by far my favorite topcoat. 

Starry Earth polishes can be purchased for $8 (full size) on Etsy. There are a few colors featuring smaller glitters, plus lots of chunky fun glitters. There is a Princess collection as well- I'm loving A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle, which is obviously Belle-based :) Be sure to stop by and pay a Like on Facebook as well- lots of reviews and swatches, plus Halloween Collection previews right now!

Support your indies, ladies!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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