Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Underrated Beauty: King Arthur by A England

I'm sure you're all aware by now that grey is my absolute favorite polish color, so today I have a grey to show off that I feel is VERY overlooked and completely underrated.


A England's Mythicals collection is highly coveted, and contains some of the most gorgeous and widely blogged-about colors in existence: Lady of the Lake, Tristam, Perceval, et cetera. But King Arthur, sadly, doesn't get much love. It's not a vibrant color, and it doesn't have the holo sparkle of some of the others, but it truly is a gorgeous color nonetheless. And I've worn this, both alone and as undies, a good half dozen times in the few months that I've owned it.

Two coats of King Arthur topped with Out the Door. Photos taken in natural sunlight. The A England site describes this color as "tungsten, steel gray with subtle diamond shimmer." It is a lovely, charcoal color with a very subtle sparkle to it. 

I absolutely love how sophisticated this color it. It's dark without being vampy, shimmery without being blingy. 

What can I really say about A England, application wise? There were zero problems- perfect in two coats. Smooth, supple, thickish but not too thick. I seriously can't think of any bad things to say about this polish. 

A England polishes are available all over the place: the A England website (£9, free international shipping to most countries), Llarowe ($12), Mei Mei's Signatures (Singapore, S$16), 
Ninja Polish ($10.50) and Overall Beauty ($12). Be sure to like A England on Facebook for sale announcements,
blogger swatches (including TONS of the yet-to-be-released Gothic Beauties collection, which I want SO badly)
and other goodies! 

Support your indies, ladies!

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