Sunday, September 23, 2012

Build Your Own Holo featuring Pretty Polish

Of all the polishes finishes available, I have a very hard time choosing between cremes and holos- cremes are just so classic and classy. But holos- holos are never boring! Holos sparkle and dazzle. So my new favorite practice is to wear a creme color, then top it with a holo topcoat for the next day wear: best of both worlds!

I started this mani with two coats of Sinful Colors Amethyst (which, unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of alone). Amethyst is the perfect dusty, not-too-blue-toned purple creme.

I then topped Amethyst with one coat of Pretty Polish's Spectraflair topcoat. No clear topcoat over that, photos taken in full sun.

The SF Topcoat made the purple polish look a little bit more blue-toned, but that's about par for the course. 

Jeanette from Pretty Polish uses both fine and coarse grade Spectraflair in her polishes to give them an extra pop of dimension. The suspension base used is three free.

Very strong linear holo in this topcoat!

Obligatory shade shot :)

This topcoat, like most holos, was a breeze to work with. It applied smooth as silk. The polish is well suspended and does have a very strong linear holo effect. If you're jonesing to turn your favorite creme polish into a holo, you really can't go wrong here! The only downside is that you aren't supposed to use a topcoat on top of a holo polish, as it will dull the effect. I HATE waiting for my nails to dry without a quick dry topcoat, but the holo-y goodness is worth it. 

Pretty Polish is available on Etsy. The full sized holo bottles (both the topcoat and holo colors) run $10- $11.50, while full sized glitter polishes are only $8. Be sure to stop by the Pretty Me Polish Facebook page and give a like, too- tons of swatches, plus shop updates and other news :)

Support your indies, ladies!

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

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