Complete Indie Brand List

Michelle from Things I Love at the Moment has an ongoing list of Indie Polish brands, and idea which she in turn borrowed from Adventures of the Nail Friends. I'm sure there are other extensive catalogs out there, but TILATM is where I originally found the list, and so it is here that I'm giving the credit for my own list.

I will try to keep this list as complete as possible, and update it as often as I find new indie shops littered around the interwebs. There are so many new shops opening all the time that I will certainly not find all of them. If you know of, or operate an indie polish company, please contact me with links and I will add you to the list. Many shops sell in various places, so I will try to include those links as well. Llarowe (L), Ninja Polish (NP), Beauty Pop Shop (BPS) and Overall Beauty(OB) ship from the US, Harlow & Co(H&C) from Canada, and Mei Mei's Signatures(MMS) and Shop Ecclectico(SE) from Singapore. Individual shops ship from the US unless otherwise noted.

This is not an endorsement of any of the shops below- most of them I have not tried. Brands that I have tried will be marked with an asterisk*- see the My Indie Stash page for which colors, and links to those posts.

I have NOT included shops that no longer sell polish.

UPDATE: 2/8/13: New shops added, shops that have been closed down or no longer offer polish for sale have been deleted.
UPDATE 9/7/13: TONS of new shops added, existing shops check. Known closed shops have been removed, and shops that have been closed/on vacation for long periods of time have been marked as (appear to have closed).

The Giant Indie Polish List!

2nd Purpose
365 Days of Color*
6 Harts Craft Company
8 Bit Cosmetics
907 Lacquer

A Girl Obsessed
A Study In Polish
A-England* (also on LMMSNPOB) (Lab created, UK)
A Girl Obsessed
A Rhyming Dictionary*
Abivan Polish
Above the Curve 
Ador Beauty Supplies*
Adorn Nails
Alanna Renee
Alchemist Lacquer
All That Glitters Nails* (closed)
All Natural Face
Allison's Chic Boutique
Alta Costura Vernis (appears closed)
Alter Ego
Aly's Dream Polish
Amour Accessories
Amplify Polish
Amy's Nail Boutique*
ARIA Nail Polish
Art of Godiva*
At The End Of The Rainbow
Atomic Polish (appears closed)
Aphrodite Lacquers
Aqua Daisy
Authority Cosmetics

Bad Ass Nail Lacquer
Bad Ass Polish
BAM Nail
Beautifully Addictive
Beatnik Beauties
Beauty Bath & Body
Berry's Creations
Beth Creates
Beyond The Nail
Big T Ranch
BG Cosmetics*
Black Cat Lacquer
Black Luna Nail Lacquer
Black Sheep Lacquer (Canada/US)
Blondies Nail Lacquer (appears closed)
BNVS Nail Color* (appears closed)
Borough Babe Made*
Boston Babe
Brijit's Digits
Bubbles N Balms*
Buff and Shine
Button Masher Lacquer
By Arwenn

Caged Bird Nail Lacquer (appears closed)
Cameo Colors
Candeo Colors (also on L)
Candied Lustre
Candii Blossom
Candy Lacquer*
Canvas Nails
Carina Dolci (appears closed)
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics
Caribbean Scents
Celestial Cosmetics
Cerephine(appears closed)
Chaos and Crocodiles
Chaos Theory
Charm Your Nails
Chick Nail Polish
Chirality* (also on Etsy)
Cinema Swatch
Cirque Colors (also on H&CMMS)
Classic Films Cosmetics
Coated In Polish
Coco Allure
CoCo Lacquer
Colores de Carol
Colors for Hope (formerly Clinton's Club)
Comet Vomit
Contrary Polish (also on L)
Cosmos Lacquer
Couronne d'Or
the Craft House of Beans
Crazy for Lacquer
Creations by Lynda
Crows Toes (also on L, OB)
the Crystal Therapy
Cult Nails (also on MMS, OB)
Cupcake Polish
Cuteberry Boutique
CVarnish (UK)
Cyanide Nails

Daily Charme
Daily Lacquer (also on Etsy)
Dandy Nails (also on NP)
Daphine Polish
Daring Digits* (also on MMS)
Darling Diva Polish* (also on MMS)
Dead Set Babes (Australia)
Dessert Polish
the Devil Wears Polish
DIFFERENT Dimensions* (also on MMS)
Delush Polish
Digital Nails
Disturbing Behavior
Dita Luci (appears closed)
Diva Glam Couture
Dollipop Cosmetics
Dollish Polish (also on L, OB)
Down The Bayou Lacquer
Dragon Lacquer
Dragonglass Nails
Drama Llama Lacquers
Dreams Cosmetics
Dynamic Polish

Earth's Own Bath N Body
Eclectic Girls
Effervescence Polish
Elevation Polish (also on Etsy)
Elixir Lacquer (also on OB)
Emerald and Ash
Emily de Molly (also on L) (Australia)
Eminee Goods (Atomic Polish)
Enchanted Polish (also on H&C, LMMS)
Enkelini (closed indefinitely)
Esmaltes de Kelly
Euphoric Lacquer
Every Beauty Boutique
Every Bit of Sparkle

F4 Polish*
Faith In Manicures
FAME Polish
Fanchromatic Nails
Fandom Cosmetics
Fantasy Nail Lacquer
Fanservice Nails (closed indefinitely)
Femme Fatale Lacquer (also on H&CL) (Australia)
Festive Corpse
Festive Fingers
Feto Soaps
Fickle Fairy Potions
Fierce Magenta
Flash Your Tips
Flora Polish
Flower Power Polish
FNUG (also on H&CNPSE) (Lab created, Denmark)
Foam On the Range
Forever Polished* (Formerly Ashley's Polish)
Forever Sweet Dreams
Foxy Paws/Foxy Fingertips
Franken Frosting
Franken Stain Nails
Franken Sheen
Frankenstein Polish
Freak Show Polish
Free Hippie*
Fuse Nail Polish

Game Over Polish
Geaux Glitters
Geek Glitter* (closed indefinitely)
Geektacular Lacquer
Gemmae Optera (appears closed)
Gemstone Nail Polish
GG Couture Nail Lacquer
Gilly Hearts Nails
Girly Bits (also on H&C, L, MMS, OB) (Canada)
Glam Paint Lacquer
Glam Polish
Glass Tasty
Glitter Bunny Polish
Glitter Gal (also on BPSH&CLMMSNPOB) (Lab Created, Australia)
Glitter Guilty
Glitterfied Nails
Glittering Elements
Glimmer by Erica
Glisten & Glow (also on LOBRainbow Co UK)
Glitter Daze (also on MMS)
Glitter Fest
Glitz in a Bottle*
Glitz'd 23
Gloss N Sparkle (also on L ) (Australia)
Glow Cosmetics
Gothic Gala Lacquers
Green Apple Soaps & Sundries
Gypsyanna Polish

Haiku Lacquer
Happy Hands (also on H&C)
Hardcore Cosmetics
HARE Polish (also on L)
Harlow & Co (Canada)
Heavenly Hell Elements
Hebridian Sprite Beauty (Canada)
Hey Coral
HIT Polish* (Formerly D & R Apothecary)
Hot Chick Physics
The Hungry Asian

I Love NP
Iconic Effect
Illume Lacquer
I'm Doing My Nails Today
Imperial Nail Lacquer
In the Gray Areas
Incidental Twin
InDecisive Lacquer
Initial Lacquer
Indie Polish (Canada)
Indigo Bananas

J and L Creations
J Gurlz
Jindie Nails* (also on LMMSNPFemme FetaleNorway NailsH&C)
Jior Couture
Joyful Noise Cosmetics

Kaia House Organics
Kanari Keta
Kelara Lacquers
Kawaii Nail Lacquer
KBShimmer (also on H&C)
KelBel Cosmetics* (closed indefinitely)
Kickass Beauty
Kiss Your Elbow Polish
Klean Kristi
KJ Lacquer
Krush Kosmetics

La Bella Vernice
Lac Attack (also on H&C)
Lacquer Convention
Lacquer Lust
Lacquer Queen Polish
Lacquerhead Polish
the Lady Varnishes
Lauralyn's Lacquer
LAV Lacquer
Lavish Lacquer
Leesha's Lacquer
Lemon Drop Polishes
Leopard Lacquer
Let It Glitter
Lilypad Lacquer
Limitless Lacquer
Liquid Courage Lacquer
Liquid Glam Lacquer
Liquid Lacquer (formerly 2 Chix Lacquer)
Liquid Sky Lacquer
Liquidus Nail Gloss
Literary Lacquer*
Little Wolf Lacquers
Live Life Polished
Loki's Lacquer (Australia)
Love, Angeline
Love Thy Polish (Australia)
Lovely Lacquer
Lucky 13 (also on Etsy)
Lulabelle Nail Polish
Lumikki Cosmetics
Lumina Lacquer
Lush Lacquer (also on H&CLMMS)
Luv That Color
Luxe Lacquer
Lyn B Designs*
Lynx Cosmetics

Mack Gives Back
Madison Street Beauty
Magsy Polish
Mainstream Lacquer
Maisie Shine
Man Glaze (also on SE) (Lab Created)
Mandyland Polish
Max Flash
Maya Cosmetics
McKinley's Colors
Me and the Boy (Canada)
Me.Lissa Lacquer
Meg Polish
Melange Polish
Melissa D
Mentality Nail Polish
Messy Jessi
Metametics (Australia)
Mezaya (UK)
Mint Nail Polish (also on .com)
Mixin Berry (appears closed)
Mod Lacquer
Model City Polish
Mosaic Lacquer
Mrs. P's Nail Potions (Canada)
MV Lacquer
My Blue Lacquer
My Happy Hour
My Ten Friends (also on OB)

Nail Confections
Nail Fabulosity
the Nail Junkie
Nail Kandy (Canada)
Nail Nation 3000
Nail Pattern Boldness (also on L)
Nail Phunk
Nail Polish Central
Nail Sauce
Naild'It* (Also on OBMMSL)
Nailed It Nail Polish
Natasha Shaw
Nature's Purity
Nellie Bellies
Nerd Lacquer
Neener Neener Nails
Nelly Polish
Never Naked Nails
Ninja Polish
Nire's Desire Polish
No Worries Polish
Noodles Nail Polish
Northern Star Polish
Nostalgic Lacquer (also on OB)
Not Too Polished*
Novel Nails
Nubzen Claus

Ooh La Lacquer
OOO Nailz
Oopsie Daisies Nails
Opus 19
Otaku Polish

Paanduuh Polish (appears closed)
Pahlish (also on BPSL)
Paint Job Nail Lacquer
Paint Shop Polish
Paintbox Polish
Painted Sabotage
PAINTS by Allyah
Pams and Kin
Paris Sparkles
Peita's Polish (Australia)
Penelope Luz (Brazil)
Penguin Polish* (formerly Lacey Lou's Stockpile)
Philly Loves Lacquer
Phonailtic Lacquer (Germany)
Pibble Polish (also on MMS)
Picture Polish (also on H&CLMMSNPOB) (Lab created, Australia)
Pink Dipsy Bulle
Pinwheel Polish
Pipe Dream Polish
Piper Polish
Pirate Polish (Canada)
Pixie Bomb Polish
Pixie Paper & Polish
The Playground Girl
Playlist Polish
Plucky Polish
Plum Nail Polish
Plum Valley Notions
Pocket Money Polishes
Polish, Eh? (Canada)
Polish Addict
Polish Alcoholic
the Polish Bar*
Polish Love
Polish Me To Go
Polish NV
Polish PUNCH
Polish Revolution
Polished by KPT
Polished Colors
Polished Components
Polished Intentions
the Polish Sage
Polish TBH
the Polish Well (Singapore)
Pop Culture Cosmetics
Poshy Polish (appears closed)
Prettily Inspired (Canada)
Pretty Jelly
Pretty & Polished* (also on L)
Pretty Polish n Things*
Pretty Pots Polish (also on Etsy)
Pretty Serious Cosmetics (also on LMMS) (Australia)
Princess Polish
Prihtee Paintz

R Hobby Cosmetics (Formerly Black Cat Nail Polish) (closed indefinitely)
Rainbow Honey (also on MMS)
Rainbow Polish* (also on MMS)
Rawr Nail Cosmetics
Red Carpet Lacquer (appears closed)
Red Dog Designs
Rescue Beauty (Lab created)
Retrograde Fermata
Rosie Sparkle
Ruby White Tips

SAGE Lacquers
Sassy Lacquer
Sayuri Nail Lacquer
Schatzi Brown
Scofflaw Varnish
Sealore (also on MMSOB)
seaskyy (appears closed)
Serenity Crystal
Serum No. 5 (also on MMS)
Shades of Phoenix (Australia)
Shanti's Chich Boutique
Shenanigans Lacquers
Shimmer Polish* (also on OB)
Shleee Polish
Shiny Polish
Shirley Ann Nails
Sick Lacquers
Silly Bees Chickadees*
Silly Lily Polish
Sindie POP Lacquer
Sinister Benediction*
Siren's Call
Slick Lacquer
Smarty Lacquer (Formerly Shelby's Polish Shop)
Smelly Goods n Pretties
Smitten Polish (also on L)
Smokey Mountain Lacquers
Sneaky Lacquer
Sonnetarium (also on BPSMMS)
Sonoma Bento
Spacey Wacey
Sparkle Factor Lacquer
Sparkle Nail Lacquer
the Sparkle Queen
Spectrum Cosmetics
Soaps by Alexandra
Spellbound Nails
Spooky Bones
Sprout Non Toxic
Spy Princess
Star Candy Polish
Star Crushed Lacquers
Star Dust Lacquer
Star Dust Polish
Star Lacquer
Starlight and Sparkles*
Starry Earth*
Super Black Lacquers
Superchic Lacquer* (Wonder Beauty Products) (also on LOB)
Sweet Cheeks Polish
Sweet Creek Herbal Care
Sweet Heart Polish
Sweet Sugar Polish
Sweet T Lacquer* (formerly Tara's Nail Art)
Sweet Tea Polish
Sweet Therapy
Sycamore Boutique
SYN Cosmetics*

Takko Lacquer (also on MMS)
Tammi's Tips (Canada)
Tara's Talons
Tater Rounds Beauty
Tawdry Terrier
TinaandLucy (appears closed)
Tipsy Turvy Nails
Too Cuteicle
Too Fancy Lacquer
Tough As Nails Lacquer
Treasures by Tan
Trelly Polish*
Tryst Lacquers (Canada)
Twee and Honey
Twenty Seven Polish*
Two Birds One Store
Two Blooms DS

Undefined Lacquer
UNeek Polish*
Urban Lacquer
Utopia's Polish*

Valley Girl Lacquer
Vanity Polish Boutique
Varnish Vixen*
Vermehlo Accessories/Marcia Lima
Vintage Varnish
Vivid Lacquer*
Voodoo Lacquer
VV Polish Designs

Weekend Lacquer
Well Nails (Denmark)
What A Beach
Whimsical Ideas by Pam
White Owl Lacquers
Wicked Polish
Wikid Nails
Wingin It Lacquer
Whooz Polish
Willow Tree Minerals
Windestine (also on OB) (closed indefinitely)
Wingdust Collections (Canada)
Wonderland Lacquer (Formerly Ky's Creations)
Wishful Bath and Beauty
Witch Mistress

Yodel Odel
You Polish (Formerly Makeup Your Face)
Yuenger Moxey
Yume Lacquer

Zombie Darlings
Zombified Nails


  1. Thank you for adding J and L Creations to the lists!

  2. Holy Moley!!! I'm on a list!! Thanks so much for the add!! DynamicPolish is my shop! You have no clue how happy this makes me. Oh the little things. =)

  3. Great List! I'm the owner of Glisten & Glow. We stock at LLAROWE, Overall Beauty, Mei Mei Signatures, Rainbow Connection UK, Nail Polish Canada and of course on our own site.

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  5. Wonderful list! Thank you for adding Haiku Lacquer to the list :)

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  7. Beside the ones mentioned we stock at Nail Polish Canada, Mei Mei Signatures and Femme Fatale Cosmetics

  8. Also and Celestial Cosmetics (AU)

  9. WOW! I'm Beauty Bath & Body! Thanks for the add. I appreciate the plug.

  10. Hello! I am wondering if you could add my new indie brand: Super Nails onto your list?
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  11. You missed us Lavish Polish

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    Can you please add Super Nails ( Thanks!!

  14. Hi
    Love your page, I'm a new indie maker based in the UK could I be added please xxx

  15. Hello NotTooPolished! I am an indie nail polish maker out of Chicago USA. I specialize in shimmer, glitter, and matte finish. I would love to be added to your list!

    Boom Sparkle:

  16. Hi! I'm an indie polish maker north of Boston specializing in small batch, creative color combinations. I would love to be added to your list!
    MicroBrews Nail Polish:

  17. Hoping you could add us to your amazing list! Glitter Lambs Polish

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  21. We would love to be added to this list! I'm part of the team over at Poison'd Lacquer. We're based in the US, and can be found at Thanks for compiling this great list!

  22. Hello,

    Could I be added to the list? Our name is 365 Lacquer and our shop is

    Thank you!

  23. I recently found Tux Polish. Their website is You should add them to your list! They do a lot of cremes and shimmers versus heavy glitters. Since cremes are my thing I am SO happy I found them on IG. Maybe adding them here will help another creme addict like myself. :-)

  24. I would be thrilled for you to add my store to your list. thank you!

  25. Hello, there is a very interesting new indie nail polish line called Domani Color. They just launches a brand new opening collection. Would you please add it to your list.

  26. Hello, there is a very interesting new indie nail polish line called Domani Color. They just launches a brand new opening collection. Would you please add it to your list.

  27. Hi I have an indie nail polish shop could I please be added to the list.

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    Can you please add SHINE Nail Polish to the list?
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