Wednesday, June 13, 2012

F4 Polish Flubber

Just a quickie today- I want to show you another of the F4's that I bought- Flubber! Described by F4: "FLUBBER is a jelly based green lacquer with with fine holographic green glitter, small Green hex glitter and large green hex glitter."

Straight to the point- this is 3 coats of Flubber over bare nail (though it should be noted that this was before the acrylics came off. You can see a bit of the french tips peeking through). I loved the fact that the base was tinted, rather than just clear and packed with glitter. It gave it just a bit of something extra, without going whole hog into a colored polish. I will say that I thought the base was more yellowy than green.

The glitter went on very well (as well as large glitters can!). I didn't have to fish for the large bits too much- in fact I somehow ended up with four of them on the ring finger of my right hand! Which is awesome, because I hate fishing.

Here is just another angle shot. You can see a bit of tip wear, but to be fair: I wore this for four days, without topcoat. Please don't hate me, I was being lazy. If I wear it again (I only say if because three coats on ten fingers took up a good chunk of my mini bottle), topcoat is a must. Because I tend to pick at my nails, and I lost several of the larger glitters that just wouldn't lay flat. Again- my fault for leaving them topless. 

And an awesome closeup! See the true majesty of the loveley holo glitters, while please ignoring the chunks that got picked off :) 

My only real complaint with this polish was in removal. I had to foil. For the first time ever. I'm usually patient enough to work the glitters off with a cottonball, but those big suckers did. not. want. to. move. I had to attack each one separately and pick it off. I don't have a lot of experience with huge glitters like these, so maybe it comes with the territory. 

Overall, I loved this. It was very eyecatching, and the girl working at the counter when I went to Sally's actually asked me where I got my "manicure" done, because the glitter was so cool! F4 has some amazing colors, available in their Etsy shop . Full size bottles are $8.

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