Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shimmer Polish Part I

I have a brand new indie polish to show off today: Shimmer Polish, who just opened shop on Etsy at the end of May. Shimmer Polish is an amazing line of clear based glitter polishes, all named after women who were influential in her life! The polishes consist of small and micro glitters, which I love, as it give it more of a cohesive look. It makes it feel more like a polish, rather than a glitter topcoat. Most of the colors are opaque in three coats. Full size polishes are $12.

After browsing the store for about an hour, narrowing down my choices, I settled on Airriann and Vanessa. I'm going to cover Airriann today, and then I'll come back to Vanessa in another few days.

Airriann is described as "Pale Pink Melange Glitter Polish!"

This polish has apparently been incredible divisive in the nail community in the short amount of time it's been around. It's either love it or hate it. I, personally, fall on the love it side! I'd call it a "neutral" glitter, if I could convince myself there was such a thing :) Staring at my bottle, trying to pick out all the individual colors, here is what I've come up with: The main glitter is a pale pink, with lots of gold as well. Then there are sprinkles of red, black, gold holo and maybe some blue? That may just be the holo playing tricks on my eyes. Either way, this polish is fabulous, and I wore it just about all week. Two separate manicures in a row, actually.

Here is the first mani: Two coats of Airriann over two coats of my most beloved nude, NYC Carried Away (which can be seen in my rehab post), topped off with a coat of Out the Door. This one did not get completely opaque in three coats, so I wanted a nude base underneath it. I absolutely loved this. It was very subdued without being boring. If you're a glitter lover, but you need something not too blingy (for work, or whatnot), this would be great. 

Another shot, just because. It looks very predominantly brown over the nude. The color seems to change over every base color I tried it over.

I used an entire nail wheel swatching these two polishes. I had to limit myself to 8 base colors to try per color. Here is three coats of Airriann on its own, and one coat over Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, then Sinful Colors This Is It. Both of these undies seem to pick up brown tones- though I swear I don't see any brown glitter in the bottle. 

Here we have one coat over Wet N Wild Red Red, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, and NYC Midtown Mink. You can see the pink glitters a lot better over the green and brown.

Finally: one coat over Wet N Wild Tickled Pink, Sinful Colors Forget Now and Wet N Wild 9021Orange. The sparse black glitter really popped on the last two. 

I couldn't pick a color, so I did a gradiant. I started with a base coat of Wet N Wild 9021Orange, then sponged on Wet N Wild The Wonder Yellows at the cuticle, Sinful Colors Forget Now in the middle, then Rimmel Night Before at the tips.

I added a thick coat of Airriann on top of my gradient. The black glitter really popped against the bright colors, while the lighter pink and gold glitter really caught the light. Photo is topped off with one coat of Seche Vite. I love this look; it will probably be a go-to mani for when I run out of ideas. 

Shimmer Polish can be found on Etsy, Facebook, and her own blog, Shimmer Polish.  Have you tried Shimmer yet? Which colors did you go for?

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