Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Not Too Polished Colors!

Just wanted to put up a quickie today, to show you a few of the new colors I've been working on. I've got three collections that will debut by the end of the month.

The first collection is called the Hogwarts Alums, and is (obviously!) Harry Potter inspired :) These are my faves so far:

Lestrange: a black jelly with black, silver and silver holo micro glitters. For Bellatrix Lestrange, Death Eater and psychopath extraordinaire.

Granger: sheer red jelly with multi sized gold and gold holo glitters. Hermione Granger truly is the cleverest witch of her age.

The second collection is called The Great Houses of Westeros, and is the first of 2 (yes 2!) Song of Ice and Fire Collections. Highlights:

Dragonstone: another black jelly, this time filled with black and red micro glitter, plus medium sized red squares. Dragonstone is the ancestral seat of power for the displaced Targaryen family. A red, three headed dragon graces the black banners of their house. "Fire and Blood."

Winterfell: a pearly dove grey base with multi sized white, silver, silver holo and aqua glitters. Winterfell is the seat of House Stark, Wardens of, and formerly Kings in the North. The sigil of House Stark is a grey direwolf on an ice white field. I wore this for 4 days when I tested it- unheard of! "Winter Is Coming."

Your final sneak peek is from the 3rd overall, and 2nd ASOIAF collection, The Magic of Westeros.

This stunner is The House of Black and White: a clear base with multi sized black and white matte, plus silver holo glitters. The House of Black and White is a temple to the Many Faced God on the isles of Braavos, and is home to the Faceless Men. Technically, this makes this the magic of Essos, and not Westeros, but a girl will not fault me for a technicality, yes? Just so. I am currently putting this on over a silver, and I'll show it off in a few days. This may even last longer than Winterfell did: I absolutely love it! Not your typical black and white topcoat :)

So what are your thoughts so far? Have I portrayed your favorite characters properly? Please know that they're my favorites too: this is how I perceive them through nail polish.

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  1. Wow, I LOVE all of these polishes; especially the Harry Potter ones!! Though being an obsessed HP fan may make me a bit biased :) Gorgeous and unique glitter combinations in all of them!

  2. I'm in love with The House of Black and White !! It looks spacey and almost mesmerizing!