Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Out of This World: Celestial by The Polish Bar

I have my 4th- and final- polish from The Polish Bar to show you today. (You can click the links to see Eternal Sunshine, Shirley and Berry Shimmer.) The polish of the day is called Celestial, and let me tell you right off the bat: Janice NAILED the name on this one! 

Layering experiments. L-R: Three coats of Celestial alone, and two coats over Maybelline Color Show Sapphire Siren, Fingerpaints Tough Art to Follow, Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Sinful Colors Black on Black topped with a coat of Maybelline Color Show Sapphire Siren. Celestial's base is definitely black-tinted, but I don't think it would ever be opaque enough to wear alone. 

Celestial is described as "many different kinds of holographic glitter in a black jellyish base. It also has very subtle blue/purple micro shimmer."

Two coats of Celestial over the Black on Black/Sapphire Siren layering combo. Top coats is one coat of Seche Vite. Photos were taken in natural light, but as it was SNOWING this morning, it was pretty overcast :(

Let me tell you a story about this layering combo. I wanted these glitters to really pop, and look like the night sky, but I didn't want to go with black. I decided on blue. I'm not really a fan of blue polishes, so I own exactly three: NYC Water Street Blue (bright sky blue- obviously out), Hot Topic Glow In The Dark Blue (again, obviously out) and Sinful Colors Midnight Blue (closer, but I didn't want the shimmer to compete with the beautiful shimmer already in Celestial). So I decided to grab a navy creme polish on my way home from work. So I look at Walmart. No dice. Tons of navy shimmers, and royal blue shimmers and even a few royal blue cremes, but my heart is set on navy. Loreal had a color that looked close on the shelf, but of course, it was the only Loreal polish that was sold out. Family Dollar, nothing even remotely close to navy. Or even royal! Finally, Walgreen's my last hope. The Loreal polish that I saw at Walmart is actually a greyed purple color. Tons more shimmers, tons more way-too-bright blues. I'm getting bummed. Then, finally, like a beacon of light, I come across the Maybelline Color Show display. Sapphire Siren is EXACTLY what I had in my head. So into my basket it goes, and I waltz to the register singing a happy little tune. Then I get home and sit down to swatch. Sapphire Siren is a . . . jelly. Dun Dun Dun! It's a beautiful jelly, and I love jellies in general, so I can see myself wearing it again, but damnit, I needed a creme! So I got the idea in my head to try it layered over a black, and lo and behold! The PERFECT blue-black shade I was looking for. 

::rant over::

Awkward hand pose: holding my steering wheel to show you that the polish really is blue, not black!

As for the review portion of this post: I just . . . I can't . . . I don't even know what to say. This polish is RIDICULOUS! It is one of the most gorgeous polishes I've seen, and you absolutely NEED it. It seemed a pretty standard black-jelly-holo-glitter, until I put it on. The holo glitters, while definitely holo, seemed biased toward pink-purple-blue-teal, and just added to the breath-taking aura on my nails. I've said a few times that a polish causes me to stare at my nails all day, but this one takes the cake! It looks exactly like a glorious, northern night sky photo. The kind where you're in the Borealis Belt, and there is no pollution from chemicals, light, sound or even other people, and the sky just becomes a huge, all encompassing entity, telling you exactly how small and insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things. Am I going on too much? No. You NEED this polish. 

Oh, you want to know how it applied? Great. Two coats, dabbed a bit on the second coat to make sure my glitter coverage was even. Didn't dry gritty. As amazing as this polish is, I don't think I would even care if it were the hardest polish to apply ever. But it wasn't, so even better!

The Polish Bar Polishes can be purchased on Etsy. Full sized bottles run $8.50, minis $4.25. Make sure you head on over and snap the ones you need, though- the shop will go into vacation mode Thursday at midnight, and will be on vacation for most of the month of November. Be sure to Like The Polish Bar on Facebook, too! 

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. The overly glowing opinion expressed in this post is my own, and entirely accurate.

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