Friday, November 9, 2012

Tiny Bubbles . . . : Bubble Tea by Pretty & Polished

Pretty & Polished's Bubble Tea was one of the first indie polishes to go on my wishlist when I became seriously aware that indie polish was really a thing. A BIG thing. I loved the unique color, the black glitter, the whole simplicity of it! So when I finally broke down and put in a P&P order, Bubble Tea was a must! Then . . . it sat in my untrieds box. For about a month. Understandable, as I had polishes that were sent to me for review, which are obviously my first priority. And then there were polishes that I swapped Not Too Polished colors for, which I assign a second priority to. Then polishes that I actually buy, with money, go third. Makes sense, right? But then, after wearing Bubble Tea, and loving it, it's been sitting in my draft folder for longer than it sat in my untrieds box. What? Why? So, finally, here it is: one of my earliest polish crushes, shown off for all the world to see! 

This is three coats of Bubble Tea alone, topped with Seche Vite. Photos taken in natural sunlight. 

Chelsea describes Bubble Teas as "a tea based drink that is usually mixed with milk and has "Tapioca Pearls" in it. These Tapioca Pearls usually hand at the bottom of the flass and are actually black in color. Bubble Tea usually comes in soft shades of pastel colors, the most common being a light pastel green. This is what this nail polish represents. "Bubble Tea", the nail polish, is a soft light pastel green with tiny white glitter in it and medium sized black glitter."

I don't really have any experience with bubble tea the beverage. There was a drink I used to get at the dollar store in the mall that had a similar concept, but I don't recall if I actually liked it, or if I bought it because it was a cool novelty :) I also didn't even notice the white glitter in the swatches that made me first fall in love with this polish (understandably, since they didn't want to photograph properly for me either!), so it was a lovely surprise that really gave Bubble Tea an extra "oomph". 

This shot is slightly blurred, and showcases the white glitters best. Bubble Tea is quite sheer, though I promise that bald spot on my middle finger wasn't visible in person! My regular readers will know by now that I absolutely love sheer polishes, but if you're not a fan, then this color would be best layered. Three coats gave me perfect coverage, however, and I love the milky glaze over the black glitters that comes with layering. The glitter dragged a bit, so be sure to let each coat dry before doing another. Excellent application overall, and, of course, I would definitely recommend this one!

Do any of you really not know where to buy Pretty & Polished? If so, then head on over to Chelsea's Etsy shop: she is currently very well stocked (including the gorgeous Holiday Collection!)- minis are $4.75, full size $8.50. Like Pretty & Polished on Facebook for shop updates from the best possible source. 

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