Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Steampunk! by Borough Babe Made

I did a trade a while back with the lovely Shannon from Borough Babe Made. I specifically picked this polish to be a part of my Halloween mani. Come on, it's in the name :) 

Shannon describes this color as "inspired by Steampunk jewelry. I've mixed up this color to have that sort of antiqued brass color you often see in steampunk pieces. It's also got my favorite holographic gold glitter mixed in." 

All Borough Babe polishes are 3 free, and hand mixed in the "boogie down Bronx". Polishes also come in a cute little handstamped, red velvet drawstring bag. I had forgotten this fact when I opened the package, so when I glimpsed the sea of red beneath the bubble wrap, I panicked! I thought there was a serious leakage problem! Nope: just an adorable personal touch :)

Three coats of Steampunk, topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. Photos taken in natural sunlight. 

Love the gritty, antique-y look of this color!

This polish was great to work with, if perhaps a little thick. I may add a drop or two of thinner before adding this one on Halloween. Otherwise, things were breezy. The glitter applied smooth and even, and I love how the micro shimmer gives the finished product a textured look! (Note: No texture was actually present. Steampunk was smooth and flat on the nail!)

Have you tried any Borough Babe polishes? They are available on Etsy: full sized bottles are $8, while minis are $3.75. Stop by Facebook and Like Borough Babe as well!

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