Friday, January 18, 2013

NEW 31 Day Challenge: Your Oldest Untried

Today's prompt is Your Oldest Untried, and I have a tie! Kind of. I cheated a little bit, as I didn't have any old polishes that were truly untried (my oldest is a few months, maybe?). But I have had both of these polishes for years, and I haven't used either of them since I actually got really into polish last year!

First up is Petites Bubblegum. It is a super sheer, shimmery ballerina pink with silvery opal shimmer. This is not the sort of pink I normally go for, and I obviously didn't love it back then either- the bottle is still pretty much full! Maybe that's because it took me 5 (!) coats to make this opaque!

Upon checking, Walmart still carries Petites polish! This one was not available at my store, however.

My second untried is also by Petites, Black Amethyst. I suppose I bought them because they were cheap :) This one, however, was obviously rather well liked- the bottle is about half empty! The bottles are only a quarter ounce (rather than a standard half ounce), but I remember this being my go-to pedi color several years back!

Black Amethyst is a black creme polish just packed with violet micro glitters!

You'll want to click to enlarge this photo- isn't she a stunner?! Sadly, this one was not available at my local Walmart either :( Black Amethyst went on in two easy coats, and dried super smooth. I could have gotten by without topcoat, but I added a coat of Seche Vite, just because. 

These polishes have been hanging around so long, I didn't think they would still be usable! But, as a testament to either the Petites formula (these are most likely from before the big Big 3 Free push) or my bottle tightening skills, they both went on like they were brand new!

Petites is a brand that I had just about forgotten about, but will not ignore anymore! Do you own any Petites? What is your oldest untried?

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