Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New 31DC: Holo, Flakie or Duochrome feat. Holy Shift by SYN Cosmetics

I finally feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. I got so caught up with the beginning of this challenge that I haven't been doing reviews! Luckily, today's prompt (Duochrome, Flakie or Holo) wasn't necessarily an art heavy one, so I pulled out an untried indie: Holy Shift by SYN Cosmetics! 

This is two coats of Holy Shift layered over black creme and topped with Seche Vite. The first photo is taken under my Ott Lite, the rest are in natural sunlight. I prefer the crisp look of the Ott Lite photos, but the sun just caught the shift so much better!

Holy Shift is a color shifting topcoat meant to be layered over dark colors. And it really did make me say: "Holy Shi(f)t!"

I would say the main colors in the polish are bright violet and magenta, and that is what I saw most of the time while indoors.

But at the edges, and in the right lighting, there are gorgeous bursts of copper and orange, and almost a touch of green at the far edge of the nail. 

Holy Shift went on a little bit streaky on the first coat, so I did apply a second. This can probably be attributed to user error. That is honestly the only bad thing I can think of to say about this polish! It's just such a stunner, and I wore it for three days without any chipping, and very minimal wear!

SYN Cosmetics can be purchased here. There is a whole range of color shifting polishes, plus neons, glitters and everything in between! PLUS: polish is not all they sell! Pigments and false lashes and blushes, oh my! Be sure to like SYN on Facebook as well: they occasionally offer some amazing sales! 

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