Thursday, January 3, 2013

NEW 31DC: Gold

Hello, dahlings! Today's prompt is Gold, which gave me a chance to do another very formal and regal looking manicure!

To be perfectly fair, I didn't actually use any gold polish. But rose gold still counts in my mind (damn- I just got an idea for a Black Hills Gold mani- where was that when I was struggling to come up with something for today?). 

I started with a base of Essie Penny Talk (with which I had MAJOR issues, and will post about soon) and topped it with Orly Ingenue (which I LOVED, and will also post about soon). I used Penny Talk and RA plate SE-12 to stamp on the paisley design. For all it's faults, Penny Talk made for excellent stamping!

This particular mani is highlighting for me the need for a lightbox! I'm absolutely loving my Ott Lite, and I think my photos have improved a hundredfold already, but the metallic sheen in Penny Talk combined with the insane shimmer in Ingenue made for incredibly difficult photography! The light was just bouncing off of everything! We'll see what happens once that light is diffused by some tissue paper, shall we?

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