Saturday, January 12, 2013

NEW 31DC: Tape

Today's New 31 Day Challenge prompt is tape. I was a bit unsure of this one, as tape manis can be amazing, but incredibly time consuming, or quick and simple, but maybe a bit boring. I didn't think I would have the energy and the ambition to create something truly stunning . . .

. . . but boy, was I wrong! I am so in love with this finished product, I would have worn it for the rest of the month, if I could figure out how!This did take forever. Probably about an hour and half, overall. Totally worth it! I started with a base of Revlon Speed Dry Spirit (white creme), then taped and taped and taped some more, then used painted over using Sinful Colors Black on Black and Ruby Ruby.

Sorry for the extreme mess- I think the tape took so much out of me that I kind of forgot about clean up :(

What are your thoughts? Would you put this much work into a one day mani? Don't forget to check out the rest of the amazing tape manis in the links below!


  1. Very eye catching! I can see how this took so long to do.

  2. WELL Why doesn't this have more comments??

    This is super gorgeous!!! WOW.
    You should join polish groups on facebook so you can post your manis and put the link to your blog. and then people can see this gorgeousness.

    Gonna pin this on my pinterest now. So pretty!

    1. Such a sweetheart, Lizzy :) I think I'm most proud of this one out of all of them so far! Thanks for the pin, too <3