Saturday, January 19, 2013

NEW 31DC: Favorite Polish

Good morning, darlings! What are your plans for this lovely Saturday? I'm moving in a few weeks, so my weekend will consist of going through the house, trying to figure out what I can live without for a few weeks and packing it up early! Luckily today's prompt was an easy one, though I may have cheated slightly.

I don't truly have one "favorite" polish, as it tends to change fairly often. I could have gone with my top indie pick of last year (Darling Diva Space Beetle, if you missed my round up post), but since I just showed it . . . also, it feels like more of a summer polish, what with the holo and the duochrome. You really need good light for that kind of polish to shine. So I went with the polish that has been my most used so far this year: Orly's Night Owl.

Night Owl is a stunning taupey nude with silver shimmer. I've really been digging nudes and neutrals this winter, and I've worn this one probably 4 times this month! I got this polish for Christmas, and it was my first ever Orly experience. I have to agree, the rubberized cap is amazing! As is the formula: this was an easy peasy two coats, topped off with Out The Door. It also wore like iron: I got three days out of this polish, which is almost unheard of for me, as I'm very hard on my hands. At the end of the three days, I have some pretty severe tip wear, but no chipping in sight! I'm definitely an Orly fan now :)

Do you have one "favorite" polish, or does it tend to change based on mood and season? What colors are you drawn to this winter?

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  1. What a gorgeous shade. I love neutrals that have a shimmer in them!