Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Precious Metal by HIT Polish

Here is my final New Year's Eve mani! This one almost didn't win out, because I loved this combo so much, I wore it for three days in the testing phase! Part of me wants to wear something new and different, but hey! That was last week, I can wear it again if I want to! 

Shown is two coats of Precious Metal over LA Colors Whipped, topped with Seche Vite. Photos taken under Ott Lite. 

Rachel from HIT Polish describes Precious Metal: "Combining the colors of bronze, copper, gunmetal, gold and silver metals in fine, small, medium and large hex glitter. Choked full of beautiful unique glitters, wear alone of over top of a color base coat. Either way GORGEOUS!!" I wouldn't call any of these glitters "large", as the largest are probably only .062 at the most. There is also a micro holo-y shimmer that is just stunning!

Enlarge this picture- the shimmer and micro glitters are fantastic, and need to be blown up to truly appreciate. As far as application, this one was great. Glitter topcoats tend to be either way too thick, or the glitter is way too sparse. This was neither, and applied without a hitch. No dabbing, no fishing, just regular paint it on style. I've tried several HIT Polishes, and the formula is the same on all of them!

HIT Polish can be purchased on Etsy. Rachel is running a sale that end at 11 EST TONIGHT, so hop on over and grab what you want now! The polish lineup is always changing, and many colors are very limited edition, so don't wait to snap up the colors you want. Like HIT Polish on Facebook for updates and new color previews!

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