Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aqua Illusion by Sinister Benediction

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Today's feature is another stunning duochrome by Sinister Benediction- Aqua Illusion. On nail wheel, L-R: three coats alone, one coat over Sinful Colors Black on Black, China Glaze Near Dark, Pure Ice Party Hard, Sinful Colors Inkwell and NYC Midtown Mink. Photo taken in indirect sunlight. 

Same as above, but taken under Ott Lite. Described in the Etsy listing as "a high shimmer multichrome polish with a golden olive base color that shifts to blue and purple. *Now with more coverage* Achieve opacity in as few as two coats, no undies necessary."

Closeups of the first three nails . . .

and the last three, again under Ott Lite. 

This is three coats alone, topped with Out the Door, photographed under Ott Lite. 

Alone, this polish is definitely olive-y, and also rather bronze-y, and most of the color flash was in the green family. Olive-lime-hunter-emerald. 

I've never been a huge fan of brown as far as cosmetics and accessories go, but this is a gorgeous color on it's own. There is enough green sparkle to take it away from brown and into something special. It will be a gorgeous addition to your stash come Autumn :)

While this multichrome is dark enough and strong enough to stand up on it's own, it does still pop more over black, so I'm showing you that as well. This is one coat over Sinful Colors Black on Black, topped with Out the Door. Photos taken in natural sunlight. 

Green tones were still the most obvious color over black, but you can see some aqua hilights near the tips of my nails, and some of the violet peeking around the edge of the bottle. 

Overall, very impressive. Applies like silk, and I love the fact that it doesn't NEED undies to shine! After the review I posted of Horse Feathers, creator C. Benoit upped the ante and made it even MORE opaque! She says that now, full coverage can be achieved in two coats. I tend to do three coats of everything, but there is definitely something to be said about a full mani in just two coats. 

Sinister Benediction polishes can be purchased on Etsy. Be sure to stop by Facebook and like her brand new page as well- there is a coupon code to be had!

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