Sunday, March 17, 2013

Deadly Attraction by 365 Days of Color

Top o' marnin'! We're up to out second green post of the day, and sadly, it's one of two that is no longer available :( I hate to do this to you, but, due to my love of green polish- I have so many sitting in my drafts folder that didn't get posted while they were still readily available (for one reason or another). I hate to just drop them on you for no reason, but for a theme? Why not! 

Deadly Attraction by 365 Days of Color, L-R: Two coats alone, one coat over LA Colors Color Craze Flicker, Sinful Colors Happy Ending. Deadly Attraction was a part of Sunny's Toxic Love Collection, a set of super sheer neons that was released last summer. 

Here I've shown three coats over Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party. Deadly Attraction is a very sheer neon yellow-green base with black shreds.

Over white, Deadly Attraction appears far more yellow than green, but it's green in the bottle, so that still counts, right?


And here we have two coats over Sinful Colors Happy Ending. 

Deadly Attraction was a bit light on glitter, requiring some fishing and/or a few coats to build up a sizeable amount. It's a great accent polish, rather than the star of the show. 365 Days of Color polishes are consistently amazing, and I can't recommend them enough! You can see Sunny's current lineup here, or check out my previous 365 Days of Color reviews: Boouk!, Trimming the Tree, Santa Baby, and Gimme Some Bubbly. Sunny is also an amazing blogger, whom you should definitely follow, and is active with 365 DoC on Facebook

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