Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bring Us A Figgy Mango by Silly Bees Chickadees

I know I'm a bit late to this bandwagon, but I have finally jumped on: I LOVE white based glitter polishes! Not just the basic white with rainbow, but the ones that are really creative and fun, like ALL THREE of the polishes I'll be showing you from Silly Bees Chickadees over the next few days!

First up is Bring Us a Figgy Mango Smoothie. Creator Melissa says: "This listing is for one full size serving of figs (matte lavender and purple hexes), mango (matter orange hexes and matte pale yellow squares) in a milky white base." Bring Us a Figgy Mango is a part of the Fruit Basket Collection, which is very cool in that each color comes in two versions: the Smoothies, which are white based, and then the Cocktails, which are clear based with all of the same glitters. Perfect if you're not such a white polish fan, or if you just want to see it with some different colored undies!

This is three coats of Figgy Mango alone, topped with Seche Vite. All photos are taken under Ott Lite. 

I'm quite surprised at how much I loved this combo- purple, orange and yellow seem like very odd bedfellows, but in the white base, it really does remind me of a smoothie. Now I just wish I could find a smoothie stand that used figs, because I love them!

Onto the nitty gritty: First off, I love the circular bottles. They are round and flat, and they are unique in my polish collection. I enjoy different bottles because they make finding a particular indie polish in my stash very easy: I have three Silly Bees polishes, so I have a one in three chance of grabbing the right polish without digging through the whole pile! Application was great on the first two coats- smooth, even and no glitter clumping- and I really should have stopped there, as it would have been plenty of coverage. But, three coat whore that I am, I had to go for that third, and it got a bit hairy. The polish started clumping up a bit and feeling thick. So take my advice, and stop at two coats, no matter how used to three you are, no matter how much you may want to do three. 

Silly Bees Chickadees polishes, including the Fruit Basket Collection, the Beverage Cart Collection (neutral jellies!) and the soon to be released Don't Eat the Polish Collection, can be purchased on Etsy. Melissa also offers nail wraps and the cutest ever dessert themed  pincushions! Be sure to like on Facebook as well :)

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