Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bog of Eternal Stench by The Lady Varnishes

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish and Irish-for-the-day lasses! My family is third generation removed from the Mother Country, and we do St. Pat's in a big, and very stereotypically American, way: classic corn beef and cabbage boil, homemade soda bread, Guinness and whiskey, the wearin' o the green, all the goodies :) So, of course, I have a few green polishes to show you today!

The first green of the day continues my The Lady Varnishes series, and starts the collection I'm most excited about: the You Have No Power Over Me Collection, inspired by the movie Labyrinth! The Lady Varnishes has a Doctor Who inspired collection, which of course I'm excited about, but everyone- including me!- has a Doctor Who collection. This is the first ever Labryinth Collection that I've come across, and the colors are simply stunning! This gorgeous green is Bog of Eternal Stench.

Creator Kirsten calls Bog of Eternal Stench "a murky green jelly varnish with brown microglitter, iridescent glitter and green and copper hexes." If ever a color screamed "bog", this is it. Photos show three coats alone, topped with Seche Vite, all (except the first) taken in natural sunlight. 

The charm that came with Bog of Eternal Stench is copper, with green and gold-yellow beads. The scent on this one was bright and citrus-y Sweet Orange. Again, the scent doesn't linger the way many scented polishes do, but it covers the "polish" smell very effectively, making the whole painting experience quite pleasant. 

I love the depth of this polish- it really is reminiscent of icky things floating just beneath the surface of a hideous, stagnant body of water. This is not the most flattering description for a beauty product, of course, but it is apt, and it is done in a very stunning way. This is one of my two favorites from The Lady Varnishes, and I can't decide if it's number 1 or 2! It's also on my short list of favorites of the year so far!

Bog of Eternal Stench applied very well: very sheer on the first coat, but built to complete opacity in three. The dark green jelly base provides wonderful depth to the glitter, but doesn't hide or bury any of it. Kirsten does iridescent glitter very well, adding just enough to catch the eye, without overpowering any of the colored glitter in the mix.

The Lady Varnishes is offered on Etsy, $8.50 per full size bottle. Follow along on her blog, and Like her on Facebook as well! 

*This product was provided to me for an honest review. 

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