Monday, March 18, 2013

You Have No Power Over Me by The Lady Varnishes

"For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me!" 

Hello, my loves! I'm super excited to bring you another Labyrinth inspired polish by The Lady Varnishes today! 

May I present to you You Have No Power Over Me, described by creator Kirsten as "a nude pink varnish with copper glitter and copper, white and iridescent shreds." Photos all show three coats alone, topped with Seche Vite, taken under Ott Lite. 

Nude polishes are easily among my top . . . 5? favorite color families to wear, and when you jazz it up with glitter, so much the better!

The glitter is this gorgeous jelly is still very neutral, and as such, this would make for a very office friendly polish.

This photo is the best at showing off the hints of iridescent shreds: you can see one peeking out right along the reflection on my middle finger, and another below and to the left of the N in my watermark. I have to say the Kirsten does understated iridescent VERY well- You Have No Power Over Me is delicate and subtle, not blingy in the least, and yet those scattered iridescent shreds add an ethereal glow. Shreds can be a bit of a bear to work with at times, but I had very little issue with this polish. Out of all ten fingers, three coats, there was exactly one shred (copper, if it matters) that just wouldn't lay flat. I lifted it off with tweezers, smoothed the area over with topcoat, and everything was golden. 

You Have No Power over me is a very pale nude, and very sheer, with a hint of VNL still showing after three coats. If that's not your thing, try layering it over a similar nude, or a nude complementary to your skin tone. As with all The Lady Varnishes polishes, there is an option to have this polish scented in your choice of scents. I chose the Surprise Me option for my entire order, and this is the only one I couldn't pick up a scent in. 

The Lady Varnishes are available on Etsy: full sized bottles are $8.50 and come with a coordinating charm (I forgot to photograph the one that came on this one!) that can be left on the bottle (to be easily identified in a sea of polish!), or turned into jewelry. All orders of four or more bottles include a chain to wear your charm as a pendant. You can also find The Lady Varnishes on Facebook and Wordpress.

*This polish was sent to me for an honest review. 

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