Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have A Pancake by The Lady Varnishes

Hello, loves! I'm super excited about today, as it brings us to the first in a series of amazing polishes by relative new kid on the block, The Lady Varnishes! 

The first The Lady Varnishes polish is Have A Pancake, from the Because you Listen collection. The Because You Listen Collection appears to based on the short lived series, Wonderfalls, which I haven't heard of, so I can't geek out about it :( But the color is lovely!

This is three coats of Have A Pancake, topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of NYC Grand Central Station- slight tangent, but Grand Central Station, just a basic, fast dry clear polish, is THE shiny-est and glossiest top coat I've ever come across! Shinier than Gelous AND it dries faster, AND it's less than $2! I definitely recommend it. All photos are taken in natural sunlight. 

Creator Kirsten describes Have A Pancake as "a maple brown varnish with dark brown hexes and microfine copper and white glitter." Perfectly described- the polish absolutely reminds me of maple syrup! The brown hexes flash reddish in the sun, giving it an extra dimension, and the micro glitters offer insane depth. 

The other super cool thing about The Lady Varnishes? Each and every bottle comes with an adorable little beaded charm, which is color coordinated with the polish. You can either keep the charm on the bottle (as I opted to do, since it's very unique) or turn it into jewelry. Every order of four or more bottle includes a chain (with a color choice) to turn your charm into a pendant! There is also an option to have your polishes scented, including a "Surprise Me" option! I chose Surprise Me for my four-polish order, but I'm horrible at identifying scents :( This one was very light and fruity, not at all overpowering, and, based on my conversations with Kirsten, I believe it to be cranberry. It is not like other scented polishes I've tried, as the scent doesn't linger much after the polish dries, but it makes the polishing experience more pleasant :)

Have A Pancake applied very nicely. It was sheer enough on the first coat to give me pause, but it built up to complete opacity in three coats. It could be layered, but I don't see the point, as it's gorgeous on it's own! You would lose the lovely glitter depth by layering. There was no dragging or clumping of glitter, and the polish was a great consistency. My only complaint is that this is not a great color for my skin tone :( I don't really care about that so much, I'll still wear it, but it gives my super pale skin lobster hands. 

The Lady Varnishes can be purchased on Etsy. All full sized bottles are $8.50 and come with a color coordinated charm and the option of adding scent. There are currently over 60 colors to choose from, with collections ranging from Star Wars to Doctor Who to Psych, including a collection I'm VERY excited about- I have three colors to show from it, starting tomorrow, so be sure to check back :) You can Like The Lady Varnishes on Facebook, and follow on her blog as well. 

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