Sunday, March 10, 2013

Purple Moon by Sinister Benediction

WARNING: This post is EXTREMELY picture heavy. I went a bit overboard with layering :)

Purple Moon by Sinister Benediction, L-R: Three coats alone, two coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black,  China Glaze Near Dark, Pure Ice Party Hard, Sinful Colors Inkwell, NYC Midtown Mink. 

Closeup: alone, over black, over green. 

Closeup: over navy, deep plum and chocolate brown. All nail wheel swatches taken in full natural sunlight. 

One coat of Purple Moon over Sinful Colors Inkwell, a deep, blackened plum. Topped with Out the Door, all remaining photos taken under Ott Lite. 

Sinister Benediction creator C. Benoit describes Purple Moon as "a high shimmer multichrome polish with a fuchsia base color that shifts to pale yellow to gold. You can wear it alone, but it packs more of a punch layered over a dark base. It's also great for layering over lighter polishes."

Unlike the previous Sinister Benediction polishes I've shown you (Horse Feathers and Aqua Illusion), I don't see myself ever wearing this one on its own. It is definitely better suited as a topper, but it does add something fun to pretty much any color you layer it over!

As you can see, over dark colors, the color shifts most readily from silvery lilac to/lavender to rose to a coppery color. 

Then I chose to layer over some fun, bright citrus-y colors: Thumb to pinky: LA Colors Color Craze Shock, Physician's Formula California Goddess Trio light orange, dark orange, hot pink, and Sinful Colors Dream On.

Over these mostly hot-toned colors, the color shift went from silvery lilac to violet to hot pink.

And finally, since it's right there in the name, I decided to layer Purple Moon over a purple ombre mani. Thumb to pinky: Sinful Colors Mauve, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails No Hard Feelings, Sinful Colors Amethyst, LA Colors Color Craze Edgy, and NYC Plaza Plumberry. 

Over the purples, the color shift was more of a lilac to lavender to rose. 

I've never really played with duochromes over colors other than black, or almost blacks, so I can't compare. But I was super impressed with the way that the shift in this polish changed with each base color! There was always a purple tone, and always a pinkish tone, but the visible spectrum was altered pretty dramatically depending on the undies worn! Purple Moon applied smoothly and easily in one coat, and adds a pretty punch to any base color. 

Sinister Benediction polishes are available on Etsy. Be sure to grab them while you can, as the shop is going into vacation mode at the end of March! Be sure to stop by and Like Sinister Benediction on Facebook as well- there's a coupon code to be had for your trouble :)

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

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