Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rubidium Cube by Elemental Styles

WARNING: The following pictures are old and, quite frankly, pretty horrible. This is another puppy that has been sitting in my draft folder for far too long! I bought Rubidium Cube the day that Whitney announced she was getting out of the polish business, and put off posting it because, well . . . I hate to show you polishes that aren't readily available anymore! But with today being Green Day, and I'm really feeling neons as I wait for winter to end, it seemed the time was finally right. 

Three coats of Rubidium Cube alone, topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. 

Rubidium Cube is a clear based polish filled with micro neon yellow-green and white glitters. I wore it alone, attempting to build it up to a Floam-like consistency, but it is probably more suited to be a topper. 

You can see here that, even at three coats, full coverage was not achieved. I don't personally own Floam, and don't know how many coats it takes to get the look.

I do love the look of micro glitter polishes, this one included! It gives the appearance of textured nails (which are all the rage right now!), without me actually having to have anything other than a glassy smooth nail bed. I don't even care for matte polishes, as the texture bugs me, so this is a great alternative. 

Elemental Styles is no longer making polish, however some colors are still available on the Elemental Styles Blog Sale

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