Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Castle Beyond the Goblin City by The Lady Varnishes

Sad face! Today brings me to my last (for now!) The Lady Varnishes polish, again from the You Have No Power Over Me collection, inspired by the movie Labyrinth. This one may be my favorite, I can't quite decided! Every time I look at it, I think it is, but then I look again at Bog of Eternal Stench, and I love that one too!

Today's polish is Castle Beyond the Goblin City, described by creator Kirsten as "a dark gray jelly varnish with green microglitter, iridescent and gunmetal gray hexes." All photos show three coats with no undies, topped with Seche Vite. First three photos are taken in natural sunlight. 

The green microglitter in the polish makes it absolutely glow!

I said in my post about You Have No Power Over Me that Kirsten has a knack for iridescent glitter, and this polish is just another example of that: All that blue and green that you see on my nails is actually iridescent, and it's quite captivating. 

Final two photos show an added coat of NYC In A Minute Grand Central Station, and are taken under Ott Lite. I still can't get over how stunning those blue-green iridescent hexes are!

Castle Beyond the Goblin City went on quite well: sheer on the first coat, but built to complete opacity in three. The glitters were not at all problematic: no fishing, no dragging or clumping, no sticking up off the nail. As with all The Lady Varnishes polishes, CBTGC has the option of added scent: I chose the surprise me option, and got Sweet Orange. Very yummy and very citrus-y, and adds a pleasant scent to your polishing experience, though the scent does not linger through topcoat. All The Lady Varnishes polishes also come with that adorable little color coordinated charm that you can see in the first photo. I promptly broke the charm on this one :(

The Lady Varnishes polishes can be purchased on Etsy, and you can also follow along with the Lady on Facebook and Wordpress. See me previous swatches of The Lady Varnishes polishes here; Have A Pancake, Bog of Eternal Stench, You Have No Power Over Me

*This polish was purchased by me. All opinions are my own, and completely honest. 

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