Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Put a Spell On You!: Boouk! by 365 Days of Color

I know this one seems a little late, as it was part of a Halloween Collection, but Boouk! is NOT a Halloween specific color, so I'm posting it now. Because it's gorgeous. 

Boouk! is inspired by Winnifred Sanderson's spell book in the move Hocus Pocus. Sunny from 365 Days of Colors says that "Boouk! is a "flesh" colored base with all sorts of glitter inside: gold and brown square fine glitter, super fine brown glitter, copper and brown medium glitter." The nude base is very sheer, so I played with some layering combos. L-R shows two coats of Boouk! alone, and one coat over Sinful Colors Black on Black, NYC Carrie'd Away, Sinful Colors Nirvana and Love My Nails Iced Copper. 

Despite all the fun I had layering this polish, I didn't really have a choice as to undies. Every now and then, I feel the need to take a break from blingy, glittery and overall fantastic overthetop nails, and just wear a nude. One fateful day, I decided to wear LA Colors Whipped, a lovely Band-Aid colored nude (seriously, NO ONE has skin that color) as a palette cleanser. And my 365 Days of Color order happened to arrive that day. It was fate! I was already wearing the perfect base color, so I sat down and put Boouk! on immediately. This is two coats of Boouk! over Whipped, topped with Seche Vite. Photos are taken indoors, under "natural" light. 

There is a very subtle shimmer in the base of this color as well- you can see it best on the tip of my middle finger, where the light is diffusing off of it.

The shimmer really shows up well over black and Nirvana as well!

Nude polishes are right up there with greys as my absolute favorites, and this one did not disappoint. I love the "neutral" look to the glitter, and I think it would be very appropriate in a conservative work setting. Boouk! applied very well. The glitter is light, but not too light, allowing you to customize the amount of glitter that you get on each nail, and the base is just tinted enough to transform your base color into something truly spectacular. If you haven't picked up Boouk! yet, I highly recommend it. 

While you're there browsing, you may want to pick up some Sunny's Miracle Balm too! Sunny's Miracle Balm is a hand made cuticle balm, available in way too many scents for me to sit and count! My WAG would put it at over 100! For those who don't like balms, there are roll-on oils available as well. I'm not great at applying cuticle balm as often as I should, but these definitely make me want to- they are moisturizing without being greasy, and they smell amazing! I picked up a 3 pack balm sampler for only $5! I will do a separate review of these, but if you haven't tried them yet- or if you need great stocking stuffers for anyone in your life- DEFINITELY consider these! 

Purchase 365 Days of Color here: full sized polishes are currently on sale for $8, while minis are $4.50. Cuticle balm mini sample 3 packs are $5, full sized balms are $3. The oils run $1 more. 

Have you tried 365 Days of Color yet? Which are your favorites! I have the SCENTED Holiday Collection coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Boouk! is a "flesh" colored base with all sorts of glitter inside: gold and brown square fine glitter, super fine brown glitter, copper and brown medium glitter

two coats over la colors whipped (band aid color - no one has skin this color0
+ sunny's miracle balm- gummy bears (my mom said it instantly made her mouth water), brown sugar & spice (light, spicy & sweet) & sea island grapefruit (not too fondof it- should have just gotten grapefruit- kind of musky? )

must have been fate that make booukl show up the day I was already wearing whipped- being lazy & wore it for an extra day (which I never do), but then I was ready to use booukl right out of the pkg

zsuper easy to remove

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