Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Days Of Christmas: Snowflakes

It's that time again, dearies- challenge time! Today's prompt is snowflakes, and I knew this would be a tough one. There's no way that freehand snowflakes would be recognizable, but I really don't have any Christmas themed stamping plates (a malady that I'm trying to remedy, but unfortunately it won't help in time for this challenge!). I dug through the stamping plates I did have, and luckily some of the "generic" designs would work for snowflakes. So here is my design:

My base color is KelBel Cosmetics' Like a G6 topped with Maybelline Color Show Sapphire Siren, and my accent finger is Sinful Colors Cinderella topped with Rainbow Polish Mermaid Grotto. My stamp is a little trio of square shaped radiant lines from my Salon Express stamping kit, stamped on with Sinful Colors Heavy Metal. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how snowflake-y they came out! Mermaid Grotto is also a wonderfully snowy polish, with blue shine and tiny iridescent bar glitters! Too bad the silver stamping didn't show up very well on it. 

So that's my take- thoughts? Be sure to check out the other challengers in the links below!

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