Friday, December 28, 2012

Dramatic Swirly Eyes featuring Glamatronic

I have a quick makeup look to share today- quick to post that is! It was actually rather time consuming to apply :) I did a trade ages ago with Sosha from Glamatronic Couture, and the colors I received are still some of my favorites to pull out for a quick night out look! 

I'm still no great shakes at photographing my face, as opposed to my nails, so forgive the fact that my skin appears to be incredibly washed out- I promise I'm not quite that pale! The shadows themselves are showing very true to color.

Products used:
primer (couldn't tell you which one, sorry)
Loreal True Match liquid foundation and pressed powder in Alabaster
Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer
Cover Girl Perfect Point Eyeliner in Black Onyx
Wet N Wild Waterproof Liquid Liner in Very Black
Glamatronic Loose Shadows in Punk Pixie (silvery grey), Isabella's Ruby (pink) and Nebula (purple)

I applied Isabella's Ruby to the inner 2/3 or my lid, and inner 1/2 of my lower lash line, Nebula to the outer parts of both my lid and lash line, and then Punk Pixie above the crease. Using the Wet N Wild liquid liner (my go-to until I discovered gel!) I just started creating swirly designs on the outer corners of my eyes. The finished design almost looks like feathers! I don't tend to wear this kind of dramatic liner out, though I did when I was younger! Maybe I'll dreg through some old photos and see if I can find some nice examples :)

Glamatronic shadows can be purchased on Etsy. Punk Pixie is not currently listed, and I'm not sure if it's discontinued or not, but Nebula and Isabella's Ruby (along with many other gorgeous shades!) are up!

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