Saturday, December 15, 2012

Slip a Sable Under the Tree: Santa Baby by 365 Days of Color

Is everyone else totally ready for Christmas? My shopping is done, I'm finishing up all the wrapping today, baking next week for work and family, and my nails are now some version of Christmas-y from now until the big day! 

Today's beauty is Santa Baby, by 365 Days of Color. I have it layered here, L-R: three coats alone, and one coat over Wet N Wild Red Red, Sally Hansen Ton of Bricks and Pure Ice Iced Merlot. 

Sunny from 365 Days of Color says that "Santa Baby is a true red jelly polish jam packed red small metallic glitter and several different sizes of white glitter. THIS POLISH SMELLS LIKE CANDY CANES!!!! My favorite treats during the holiday season. "

As red jellies tend to do, this polish appears rather pink if you try to wear it alone, unless you use a ton of coats. I layered this here: two coats of Santa Baby over Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, topped with a coat of Seche Vite. Photos taken in natural sunlight. 

I have the whole trio of 365 Days of Color's Scented Holiday polishes to show off in the coming days, and I honestly can't pick a favorite. I love all three of them! Santa Baby is so juicy and squishy looking. It's like a candy cane boiled down into syrup, then poured on the nails. It is best layered, and, in my opinion, a bright true red brings out the best in this color. Application was smooth and easy, no glitter fishing or placing needed. The candy cane scent is bright and cheery, but to me it smells more like a cherry mint. There's definitely a fruity note to it. The scent on this polish is my favorite of the three, not too strong, and lasted two days even through topcoat. It may last longer, but I took it off after two days :)

And here's a bonus picture, featuring a scarf that I just finished knitting as a Christmas gift! The sun was hitting the polish just right, making it look amazing and glow-y, I had to snap the photo without moving.

365 Days of Color polishes can be purchased here, and liked on Facebook here. Sunny also keeps a great polish blog, here. Most of the 365 Days of Color shop is currently on sale, including the Holiday Collection and Miracle Balm and Cuticle oil (which you NEED to try, if you haven't!). Sunny also just released a new line of hand creme, in limited scents, that I can't wait to try! 

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